Alina 2 Door Wardrobe

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  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Top Shelf
  • Sleek Hanging Rail
  • Smooth Wood craftsmanship
  • Easy to clean
  • Value for money
  • Special Offer


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Alina 2 Door Wardrobe by Soft Touch Beds is a work of art. The wardrobe is compatible with any room in your house. The 2 door Alina wardrobe comes in a variety of colours. The wardrobe by far is the most popular. This is due to the concept that the wardrobe is affordable and feasible in every aspect. The wardrobe is perfect for customers looking for a simplistic storage solution that is multi-purpose. This is where the Alina 2-door wardrobe comes in handy.


The frame of 2 Door Alina wardrobes is of solid wood. This means that customers don’t have to worry about the durability or the survivability of the wardrobe. The solid wood is of high quality and brings strength to the whole wardrobe without sacrificing support. The finish of the internal materials is pure bliss. Smooth.

Why Swing Wardrobe?

Swing wardrobes are famous for giving you more visibility instead of the padded wardrobes that you find in various homes across the UK. By far this is the cheaper solution to storage as it is very feasible. The 2 Door Alina wardrobe comes in materials that are of high quality, meaning that the durability of the wardrobe will improve over time.

High Gloss

The wardrobe comes in a high gloss finish. The image placeholder you see in the website listing doesn’t do justice to the one in person.  The finish is of immaculate proportion. The high gloss finish makes the wardrobe resurrect inside your room and make it more serene.

Swing Mechanism

The mechanism of using the wardrobe is fairly simple. The swing type of wardrobes allow full visibility but need space to cleanly open their doors. This exercise can be done by using the metal handles of the 2 Door Alina wardrobe. The material for the handle is metal. The simple components in the wardrobe are of lasting quality, meaning with use they will not go bad but instead improve their overall performance. The noise quality of the wardrobe is very low in terms of opening and closing.  The wardrobe is perfect for customers to store essential and non-essential items. However, for the storage of precious items, invest in the Alina set of drawers. The drawers come with a lock and a special key.

The colour variety is more than you can imagine. The colour and design are endless. Here is some prominent one that customers prefer.

The colour blue

The colour blue is the most popular colour in the spectrum. It is a mixture of 3 colours and is prominently seen as the colour of the sky and the ocean. The colour blue brings peace of mind, tranquillity, and calmness. Having blue cutlery at home makes it a beneficial colour. The colour blue is the master of lessening blood pressure. Customers who invest in the colour blue are mostly confident, loyal, and calm. In professional life, blue is the colour that defines trust and integrity. The blue version of 2 Door Alina wardrobes brings a bright aesthetic to your room.

The colour pink

The colour pink is a moody colour. This colour correlates greatly with culture. The colour is feminine. The colour pink is the official colour of love, whereas the colour red represents the colour of the human heart. By far, the colour brings calmness and innocence. Prominent cancer charities and events use this colour to represent struggle and affection. The merging of the colour red with the colour pink gives birth to the colour of compassion. Customers who invest in the colours are empathic, romantic, and affectionate. Valentine’s Day is the official holiday for this colour, as many customers prefer this.

The 2 Door wardrobe in pink is perfect for customers looking for something for girls.

The colour grey

The colour grey is a mighty colour as it represents maturity and sage wisdom.  Grey is the official colour for subtlety. Greyhounds are the perfect protector not because they are grey but because of their years of loyal work. Customers who invest in the 2-door Alina Grey wardrobe are simple and intellectually sound. They work with logic and common sense hand to hand.

The colour brown

The colour brown is the most natural colour of the spectrum. It is comforting at every glance. Brown is the colour of the outer sleeve of wood. Brown is also the colour of chocolates and brownies. The colour adds depth and warmth to any place it is focused. The colour brown is the love child of the colour red and the colour green. Customers who invest in the Alina 2 door black and walnut are reliable and have moral values.

The colour black and the colour white

The colour white, the brightest colour of the spectrum; colour is dominant regarding being pure and fresh. With the colour black, the colour white leads. However, the colour black is gaining up. Many face masks are of the colour black, whereas the colour white is everywhere. Even the spy vs spy debate cannot fathom which colour is the best. The merging of the colour gives birth to grey.

Customers who buy the colour black are formal and professional, whereas customers who invest in the white version of the Alina 2-door wardrobe are honest and practical in every sense.

Colour Selection of Alina 2 Door Wardrobe:

Colour selection is always the hardest when the variety is endless. The perception index of customers for colours is not the same, and every person views colours differently. For the perfect choice, follow these three steps

  1. See how the product colour reacts to sunlit rooms.
  2. Take snapshots and compare them
  3. Using your snapshot, choose the perfect placement, as placement plays a pivotal role in colour aesthetics.

As a function, the hex code for each colour is present.

Special Offers

At the moment, the 2 Door Alina wardrobe is on a special offer. By buying both the wardrobe and the chest of drawers, customers can easily avail themselves of savings. These special offers save time, value, and money. Buying them separately is counter-productive and of no logic.

Specifications of Alina 2 Door Wardrobe:

  • Requires Assembly
  • Flatpack packaging
  • Instructions Manual
  • No support legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


White and Brown
Black and Brown











Size & capacity

2-door wardrobe


Height: 180.5 cm
Depth: 51.5 cm
Width: 70 cm



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