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Bedroom Sets

Bedroom sets are complete home décor furnishings that are perfect for customers looking for all in one package for their bedrooms. These sets are affordable as well as value for money. For this sole reason, Soft Touch Beds launches Springfield Bedroom Set. The set in question brings elegance, sophistication, and simplicity to your bedroom. The items in this set not only bring serene space, but at the same time redefine simplicity.

Our Bedroom Set provides benefits such as:

Value for Money

Soft Touch Beds offers value-for-money items. Instead of splashing more than your budget out, items are tailored to your requirements. The Springfield Set is for customers who want to update their sleeping space but don’t want to spend an exorbitant amount of money.  Our set-pieces are affordable to the core and bring durability that is off the charts.


We offer savings on separate items. However, for sets, we offer greater savings. Customers buying the whole package, customers get a better cost per value than booking them separately.


By booking the Bedroom Set, Soft Touch Beds ensures that your order comes at the same time instead of multiple deliveries to the same location. By investing in the bedroom set, customers can save time and hassle. Please refer to the delivery map.

Features for our Bedroom Sets

Spacious Alternative

All our items, especially our wardrobes, chest of drawers and bedside table provide options to convert wasted space into something useful. Our items are also compact, meaning they take less space as compared to others.

Serene Colours

Soft Touch Beds offers all home décor items in vibrant hues and colours. Currently, The Springfield 5 piece bedroom set only comes in the colour black. In future, we are likely to expand to the whole colour spectrum.

Simple Construction

Thanks to the famous Swedish manufacturer, the construction of all of our items is fairly elementary. Meaning, the assembly time has been decreased ten-fold. Since all items come with our instruction's packet, our customers can easily assemble items without any professional help. However, if the customer is stuck, we provide on-hand support for no cost and every time.


All items in our Soft Touch Beds Bedroom Set Range are compatible with a variety of bedroom designs. This is why we have chosen the colour black for our Springfield 5 piece bedroom set. The colour brings power and authority. Being an attention seeker, the black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set keeps focusing on itself more than the surroundings.


All items in Soft Touch beds Bedroom Set come in flat-pack packaging. All items are properly secured so this way when they arrive at our customer’s location they are in pristine condition.

Please Note

All our items come with small components that help in assembling the items. As a safety precaution, please leave all items out of your children reach. These items can become a choking hazard.

All listing in our bedroom set is of solid wood. They pass all standard and quality checks. Moreover, these items are UK fire safety compliant.

All items can be purchased separately. However, buying them as a set will help you save money.
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