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Crushed Velvet Beds

Soft Touch Beds Crushed Velvet beds are a work of art. The bed is basically a luxury meets art form. They are exclusive to traditional and modern rooms. The simple design, the bold look and the lavish upholstery truly define what a perfect bed looks like.

The fabric features a minimum design which brings an exterior rich feel that brightens any room the bed is in. The buttoned headboard is pure class and is the perfect addition to your room. The crushed velvet ensures flexibility and a tone of functionality not found in anything else.

Our upholstered velvet beds feature a crushed pattern on the velvet that allows for a modern and aesthetic style. The design of the bed is exemplified by the beautiful frame, superior's quality and neutral colours. Simplicity, finesse, and excellence are some things everyone wants to bring into their bedroom.  Soft Touch beds offer that.

The crushed velvet bed frame combines modern design with the most populous fabric in the market. Soft Touch Beds are proud to bring a fashion icon to your bedroom. Soft-touch beds are proud to bring a fashion icon to your bedroom. This silky smooth fabric mixed with a durable frame brings a masterpiece to your bedroom.

The frame of the bed consists of boxes that provide support to withstand extreme pressure. When the mattress is placed, the bed becomes a comfort for the sleeper.

The crushed velvet beds offer very key benefits which include :

1. High Quality.

The fabric and the materials inside the bed are of the highest quality. Soft Touch beds make sure that all products are built to last a long time. Moreover, materials pass UK fire and safety standards. All the items are new, and our policies forbid us to use goods that may pose a risk.

That’s why Soft Touch beds offer customer support like no other. Our team of expert professionals makes sure that all issues are resolved promptly. Soft Touch Beds takes great pride in building relationships.

2. Texture mapping for your room.

The fabric brings a texture that personifies exuberance and elegance to your room. The fabric is the new buzz that every buyer is talking about. The fabric incorporates a posh lifestyle. The bed comes with a beautiful headboard and chrome legs that complement your desires.

3. Durable

The frame is made up of solid wood. The headboard matches the fabric to create a fashion icon for your bedroom. The boxed frame provides much-needed longevity at the same time offers versatility that makes Soft Touch Beds a named buyer can trust.

4. Brings an expensive feel to the room.

The velvet fabric brings aesthetics that no other material can bring to a product. The crushed velvet beds are of the finest quality and offer a silky smooth feel. Soft Touch beds make sure that these products truly bring royalty to your room. Posh and luxury at its finest.

5. Neutral crushed velvet.

The fabric of our choice comes in 2 distinctive colours, which provide a neutral feel. The colours of choice are black and white. The main effect of this aesthetic colour is to bring a bold style to your room. Black is the darkest colour of the spectrum. It is a sophisticated design as it brings attention inwards into your room.

White on the other hand provides a clean look to your room, It gives a refreshing take that concerns you and your choices. Many believe that the white colour embodies pureness. It’s the most common and used colour in the market. Even the Union Jack has white in it to signify pureness.

6. Efficient delivery.

Soft-touch bed make sure the delivery is on time. Moreover, all items are flat packed and reinforced to provide items accident-free. Our delivery team consists of two persons.

They make sure that the product delivered to the customers is top-notch and provides any support of any kind that a customer might desire. Soft Touch beds bring excellence to your room faster than anyone in the market.

7. Thermal/ Noise Insulation fabric.

The fabric used by us in the bed frame is of exceptional materials. Its fabric comprises thermal and noise insulation. This makes the sleeper's movement in the bed feel very faint, and the thermal insulation gives warmth at its highest level. Soft Touch Beds always bring innovation that truly define why customers prefer us more than any other furniture retailer.

8. Variety

The crust velvet bed comes in 5 distinct varieties, which include:

Single Bed                           Width=3 ft Length =6.5 ft

Small Double                     Width=4ft Length=6.5ft

Double Bed                         Width=4.6ft Length=6.5ft

King Size                              Width=5ft Length=6.5ft

Super King Size                  Width=6.4ft Length 6.4ft

9. Mattress Options:

Semi-Orthopaedic                               7”---9”

Orthopaedic                                       8”---10”

Super Ortho                                       6”---7”

2000 Pocket Sprung                       10”---12”

Pillow Top 2000                               10”---`12”

10. Easy to assemble:

The bed materials come in flat-pack packaging.

The bed is easy to assemble. The equipment pouch houses all items needed to assemble the bed without any issues.

11. Easy to Access:

The beds in this category offer easy access, meaning the sleeper will have no accessibility options. Soft Touch Beds makes sure that access is for anyone and everyone. We don’t discriminate in any form. Moreover, the crushed velvet bed frame is compact, meaning its placement will not hinder any movement by the buyers. This is one of the main reasons why our customers prefer this bed frame over others. Just look at this masterpiece, such sleek and worth the price.

12. Good investment.

Investing in the crushed velvet bed frame is a better option than any other frame, as it provides immaculate benefits that many other bed frames lack. Soft Touch Beds makes sure that our customers get something that has value for money. That is why for every bed frame we offer a specific combo deal that allows our customers to purchase a mattress as well with entails massive savings. This move helps our customers in not spending more money by buying a mattress separately. For example, this bed is right for every customer.

12. Functional and Flexible.

All our bed frames are very functional and flexible. Soft Touch Beds make sure that the materials used in the construction of these masterpieces are very functional. This means that the materials are easy to assemble and have no extra moving parts.

13. Custom Feel.

The crushed velvet bed frame by Soft Touch Beds entails customs options that enable our sleepers to experience our products at the highest threshold. All bed frames come with a designer level headboard, state-of-the-art storage solutions such as drawers and chrome legs. These attachments all can be pre-purchased for all our bed frames. They add the splendour and grandeur Soft Touch beds have to offer. For example, this majestic super king bed frame has to be the best investment for your bedroom.

The single Crushed Velvet Astral Sleigh Bed is the best example of what a majestic frame looks like. The bed come with a standard headboard and a footboard. Both have been tufted to provide comfort, which you can only imagine. The bed frame comes with rubberwood legs to bring sleek back in the mix.  The bed frame comes in 3 distinct colours, Black, silver, and champagne. Moreover, the bed frame also comes with deep storage drawers. They provide the much-needed storage solution that many buyers look for. Lastly, the bed frame comes with one of a kind combo offer which gives the customer the only opportunity to buy this majestic bed and a comfortable mattress all in one package. What we offer, no one can match the style and the sophistication.

Single Crushed velvet Divan Bed is specifically designed for customers who are on the move or are single for the most part. This bed frame has budget-friendly written all over it. The bed comes in 3 classic colours, the mature back, the full of wisdom silver and the sexy champagne. These colours and this frame are like a match made in furniture heaven. The bed frame also comes with the option to add a headboard and drawers if you are in a cramped location. As always, the bed comes with our exclusive combo offer, which entails customers getting the same size mattress dirt cheap.

A small Double Crushed velvet Divan bed is suitable for adolescents and customers who are always in the process of looking for something stylish and unique. The bed frame is pure bliss and for the customers who buy this over the top bed frame, they are adding something awesome. The bed frame comes in 3 epic colours from the attention seeker black, to the wise sage silver and font forget the posh champagne. The bed frame now adds the option to add more storage from 2 drawers, you can take it to a maximum of 4 drawers. The tufted headboard is a thing of beauty. All this can be bought with the mattress at a very affordable price with no strings attached.

A double crushed velvet divan bed frame is something every person want in their bedroom. The lavish bed frame with the option to add the same size mattress is a deal of a lifetime. But wait, the bed also comes with 3 over the top colours which are black, silver, and champagne. Moreover, the ability to add a headboard, 4 drawers and chrome legs
So, why wait and avail of this grand opportunity now.

King Size Crushed Velvet Divan bed frame is truly for the kings and queens of the bedroom. The bed speaks volumes of royalty and post lifestyle. The tufted headboard, the smooth and silky sides. And don’t you dare forget the same size mattress which on offer with this be you can have dirt cheap. But look what else it comes with. Three neutral colours to evenly match your designs, a traditional headboard, 2-4 drawers and chrome legs. These attachments can be pre-purchased and don’t come as a standard.

The super-king crushed velvet divan bed is our pride and joy. The bed is for customers who have grand design and are into the high life of things. The bed imbues greatness at every glance. The solid frame comes with a tufted headboard, which many believe is the smoothest headboard in a long time. The frame entails 2-4 drawers, chrome legs and 3 glorious colours such as jet back, sage silver and sparkle champagne. These colours bring a great presence into your room. But don’t forget, all these options need to be pre-purchased and don’t come in standard. The mattress option is cheaper and saves you and every customer a lot of hard-earned money.

Soft Touch Beds also offers Crushed Velvet beds in the classic chesterfield design. The bed synchs classic work into a modern setting. The bed comes with a diamanté headboard and footboard as a standard. The bed brings exuberance into your bedroom with 3 aesthetic colours such as black as the night, wisdom silver and enigmatic shiny champagne.

The bed frame comes in 2 perfect sizes, the double king for the majestic and the king-size for customers who want a taste of the posh lifestyle. Both these bed sizes come with the added offer of mattresses that eventually decrease the overall price of the product. Moreover, the bed also come with sleek chrome legs. All these attachments come as a standard and are easily assembled on the spot.
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