King Size Crushed Velvet Divan Bed


Features :

  • Crushed Velvet
  • Fabric Studs
  • Smooth Feel
  • Sparkling
  • Affordable
  • Posh
  • Rubber Wheels as standard
  • Reinforce Option
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The King Size Divan bed with crushed velvet fabric is the perfect candidate for customers who are looking for a bed that is affordable and glamorous. Divan Beds are a popular bed type. It is very common in UK homes and is popular. Customers prefer this bed type because it is effortless to assemble. In terms of design, the King Size Crushed Velvet Divan bed is simple at its finest. As a standard, the bed bases do come with standard rubber wheels.


The king size divan bed is of solid wood. Wooden frames play a key role in providing strength and durability to the whole frame without sacrificing quality. These cost-effective materials are very common and play the best role in lending support to customers everywhere. The king size divan bed consists of two divan bases that are combined to form a complete divan base. The king size divan bases are connected using stainless-steel clips that hold the bases. To make sure the base remains positional at all times, box-spring plays an important role.


The working of the King Size Divan bed is fairly simple. The Box spring acts as a medium between the divan bases and the mattress. The bases come with a box spring. Box-spring is famous for delegating pressure and in return offering the customers a comfortable sleep. Customers who invest in a Pillow top 2000 pocket sprung mattress will get their money’s worth. This mattress does wonders for the divan base. The construct of the mattress fully aligns with the divan bed base.

Why crushed velvet?

To make sure the king size divan bed leaves a lasting impression, Soft Touch Beds employs crushed velvet fabric. The fabric is the perfect answer to glamorous design and desirable look.

Velvet is a fabric that many customers prefer for their home décor needs. The fabric is not only amazing, but it is soft-to-touch. Many customers ask us how this velvet comes to life. The construct of crushed velvet fabric is when the fabric is pulled, it is crushed, this helps form a texture that leaves a lasting impression of sparkling touch. In terms of fabric design, crushed velvet is more desirable than plush velvet fabric. Customers who prefer plush velvet do it for its subtle design.


Crushed velvet is famous for bringing key resistance such as dust and dirt proof. Customers are also informed that this fabric is pet-friendly, which means that if your pet comes over for a sleepover, that you should not have to worry. The crushed velvet offers key resistance to bites and scratches. Thus, the king size divan bed is perfect for your four-legged companion without any issues.

The king size divan bed comes in three distinct colours. These include Silver Champagne and Black. All three colours offer their design and aesthetics. The colours in question help customers to bring retro vibes to their room as all three colours compliment each other colours in the spectrum.


The colour of inspiration is silver. The eternal struggle between the colour black and the colour white heats up and the result is this metallic and shiny look.  Silver shines in comparison to the colour grey, which has a dull look. Keep in mind that silver is not a solid colour, instead, the colour is due to the addition of the colour white. This creates a gradient that is glossier and sparkling than most. Silver personifies wealth and creates value. The colour silver is a modern colour that helps us think about the future. The Silver Surfer comes to my mind whenever the colour silver comes into focus. Light blue and light yellow are some colours that go with the colour silver.

Jet Black

Black colour plays an important role in styling the crushed velvet fabric for the king size divan bed. Jet black is the darkest tint and with the sparkling feel, the divan bed looks simply spectacular. Black, a colour of authority and power, whereas jet black is elegant and long-lasting. A versatile colour that brings sophistication to your room without sacrificing any finer qualities. Combine it with bright colours, such as yellow, and you can get some uplifting vibes. Combine it with the colour gold, and you bring a grandeur look to your bedroom.


The lighter cousin of gold and cosmic latte. This colour brings the lighter side of things. The colour is a polar opposite to the colour beige, as it is a mixture of both the colours yellow and orange. The brightness of the colour yellow intermixes with the mellowness of the colour orange to give birth to this colour. Both orange and yellow are their best mates. The champagne version of the crushed velvet for the king size divan bed invokes joy and happiness.

Easy to Assemble

The king size divan bed is straightforward to assemble. Using the below diagram, you can easily assemble the bed in no time and require zero professional help. All items are shipped, and an equipment pouch arrives with the items.

Divan Bed Assembly

Storage Option

The king size divan bed comes with the option to add storage drawers. The variety comes in two or four, depending on how much space you require. The drawers also come with the option to add two drawers in the foot end or top end or the full complement of four drawers. The storage option must be pre-booked. The king size divan bed brings a modern design with a minimalistic look.

Reinforce Option

The king size divan bed comes with a reinforced option. This option helps reinforce the divan base by adding chrome legs. They help strengthen the frame and are better than the rubber wheels that come as a standard.

Special offer

The king size divan bed entails customers to add the majestic headboard with fabric studs and a mattress of their choosing to the order. Keep in mind that the mattress and the headboard will come in the same size as the bed size you are ordering. Headboard height is standard and does need to be assembled. By adding both these options, customers can save time and money. All items will arrive at your location at the same time.

Please Note

To make sure all items arrive at your location before time, please provide the necessary details such as door number, floor number of your location, if any. These titbits help us make faster deliveries. Failing to provide the exact details may lead to delays in your order. Please check the delivery map and call us at 0208-004-8262 for any inquiries, suggestions you might have.

Specifications of King Size Crushed Velvet Divan Bed:

  • Platform top
  • Divan base
  • Soft finish
  • Three colours
  • Flat-pack Packaging
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Storage Drawers
  • Reinforce Option
  • Headboard
  • Mattress



  • A Headboard Height: 50.8 cm
  • B Base Height:
  1. With drawers: 58.4 cm
  2. Without drawers: 53.3 cm

King Bed Frame:

  • C Length: (200 cm)
  • D Width: (150 cm)

King Mattress Size: (150 cm x 200 cm)


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Silver, Champagne




Crushed Velvet


Standard Crushed Velvet Divan Headboard (Optional)


Under Bed Storage Drawers (Optional)
2 Foot End
2 Top End
4 Full End

Suitable Mattress Type

Coil, Pocket Sprung




King Size

Reinforce Option

Chrome Legs


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