Double Ambassador Chesterfield Bed

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Features :

  • Classic
  • Affordable
  • Perfect
  • Classy chrome legs
  • Tufted Headboard and FootBoard
  • 3 Colours
  • Special Offers
  • Chrome Legs
  • Pet Friendly
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The double ambassador chesterfield bed is what true excellence feels like. The bed frame is a luxury redefined for modern times. This grand bed with a chesterfield headboard and footboard is simply outstanding. The Double Ambassador Chesterfield Bed is for customers who would like to sleep in style. The 3 vibrant colours not only bring the bed to life, but your room as well.

The frame

The frame of the Double Ambassador Crushed Velvet Chesterfield bed is quite exquisite. It comes from solid wood, which in return adds strength and durability to the bed frame. Like all beds, our beds come in two parts: the base and cushion. The base includes the interior and the exterior frames. The sprung slats help the bed frame remain flexible in every sense. The natural bounce is the result of this process. The sprung slats help keep the mattress and the frame in a breathable environment. The frame is supportive in every way. This is possible because of the high-quality material in the frame. Because of these components, customers can expect a long-lasting product that will stand the test of all times.

Ambassador Beds

Ambassadors are the most important people in the modern world. These people are responsible for creating relationships as well as opening new ventures. This is why we are also ambassadors as well. We want to create a satisfactory relationship with our customers and open new ventures such as alternative solutions to their choices. Every customer is an ambassador. He/she brings their achievements, desires, expertise, and culture to the table. For this specific reason, the bed is an ambassador as well. Customers who invest in this bed are bringing a product that will open new ventures for you and your family.

The fabric

With the name as grand as the ambassador requires a fabric that meets the requirement. That is why for this special bed we rely on crushed velvet to fulfil the requirements. The tufted headboard and the footboard both are wrapped in crushed velvet. By far the most sparkling fabric in the market. Crushed velvet is perfect for the Double Ambassador Chesterfield Bed. That is not all. The sides of the bed come with the fabric as well. This is done, so customers get the whole feel of the fabric, not just the hint that many retailers use.

Crushed Velvet

The fabric brings something amazing to the whole Double Ambassador Chesterfield bed. The fabric is very animal-friendly as compared to other fabrics in the market. This means that you do not need to work if your pet comes to sleep with you in the bed. The bed’s fabric has stain and spill resistance. However, if there is a spot, use a combination of damp cloth and soap solution to drain the spiel. The bed frame is dust-free, meaning the fabric absorbs dust at a high rate. So, you would need a vacuum cleaner to clean the fabric and the beds inside out.

Tuft Diamanté with Chesterfield Design

The headboard is of classic design, enveloped by tuft diamanté style buttons that provide an aesthetic feel to the bed. Both the headboard and footboard are pressure point central. This means that they have pressure points in them that allow you to fully stretch your back and legs to massage your body. The headboard and the footboard both come as a standard and no separate purchase is necessary.

Chrome Legs

The Double Ambassador Chesterfield bed does come with chrome legs, which make this truly a bed of grand designs. The chrome legs always come in the end as it gives a cosmetic feel to the bed. The legs also come as a standard and no, you don’t need to make a separate purchase. This remarkable bed is something out of a fairy-tale.

The Double Ambassador comes in 3 colour varieties which include Rebellious Black, Dedicate Silver and Luxury Champagne.

Rebellious Black

Customers who invest in Rebellious Black are customers of a formal and professional nature. They like to take risks, not for the rewards, but the challenge. The bed frame in this colour spectrum brings elegance and sophistication to your room.

Dedicate Silver

The colour silver is a different story. Customers who invest in this colour are modern and have the wisdom of the ages. The colour silver has stood the test of time and signals seniority and honour. Customers who invest in the silver version of this bed frame are humble and responsible.

Luxury Champagne

The colour champagne is a pure-bred colour. The main reason being is many customers feel that this type of colour found in horses is of purity. This is a neutral shade in the colour spectrum. It is low-key but, has a luxurious appeal. In terms of boring white, this is the better choice. Customers who invest in this type of colour value success and cherish the memories in every way possible.

Special Offers

The double Ambassador bed comes with a combo offer which includes a mattress selection. Choosing both the bed frame and the mattress will entail customers purchasing both items at the same time. This also means that they could expect delivery of the said items at the same time. This will help customers save time, money, and hassle.

Features :

  • Air of nobility
  • Crushed velvet fabric upholstery
  • Tufted Crystal details on headboard & footboard
  • Classy chrome legs
  • Supportive sprung slatted base
  • Option to add Ottoman storage

Specifications :

  • Delivery in Flatpack Packaging
  • Easy to Access
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • A Headboard Height: 121 cm
  • B Footboard Height: 50.8 cm
  • E Ottoman Storage Depth: 25 cm

Double Bed Frame:

  • C Length: (205 cm)
  • D Width: (155 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Silver, Champagne




Chesterfield design with tufted diamanté details



Upholstery Material

Crushed Velvet

Suitable Mattress

Coil, Pocket Sprung


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