Grey Plush Velvet Heaven Bed

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  • High padded headboard
  • Lower foot end
  • Chrome Detail Legs
  • Solid slat base built to last
  • Posture sprung slatted base
  • Cushioned chesterfield design to allow maximum comfort
  • Headboard and footboard feature tufted Diamantes details
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The Grey Plush Velvet Bed is heavenly in every way possible.  Choosing the right bed and mattress in your life is very crucial. Commonly, we spend 30% of our daily routine resting and sleeping. Selecting a good bed will improve our work ethic and make us less disturbed. The benefits of choosing the right bed and the right mattress outweigh them for not choosing.  Here are some key benefits of choosing  Soft Touch’s grey plush velvet heaven bed. This is why we have named our bed heaven. It is like bringing paradise home.

Health improvement

Sleep is essential in your life. It encompasses more than 8 hours of your daily routine. This is only viable if your choice of a bed and a mattress is up to the mark. Reports have shown that the lack of sleep offers a wide variety of discomfort, such as: 

  • Heart diseases
  • Heart Attack
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • High Glucose levels

Health is wealth.

Better brain function.

Choosing a Grey Plush Velvet Bed may improve the quality of your sleep. Making you less tired and more active. A night of restful sleep in Soft Touch’s Grey Plush heaven bed can be the key factor towards having an active life.

Grey Plush Velvet Bed is an ideal choice to provide the necessary benefits. It comes with a standard, distinctive headboard and high footboard. The Headboard and footboard actively play a vital role in your sleep. A jolt of energy is felt when sleeping in this bed. 

Deluxe Diamantes Headboard

The headboard is a work of art as it offers a wide array of benefits.  


The Grey Plush Velvet bed comes with Deluxe Diamantes Headboard as a standard. This provides critical support to the bed and provides various benefits such as abrasion protection and temperature control.


The Deluxe Diamantés Headboard protects from Abrasion. It occurs when the adjacent wall starts scraping. Wall damage is the result of abrasion. The Grey Plush Velvet Headboard offers key resistance to that.

Personal Touch

A headboard brings personification to your room. The choices of a premium headboard are endless, but the headboard of heaven bed is a key deciding factor. It provides a sense of tranquillity as well as finesse not seen by many others.

Temperature Control

It might come as a shock to you, but having a headboard offers temperature control. This means that your bed will remain warm from the head to the foot. It also helps in making sure that the pillows don’t fall over.

Ambience. Easy To Clean. 

Having a Grey Plush Velvet Bed not only compliments your aesthetic view of things. But this also provides the necessary comfort. Its simple and spotless design makes it unique and beautiful. This means that you don’t need to have any special tools for its cleaning. The Grey Plush Velvet Bed offers a matching high footboard meant to provide key benefits to its user. 


Grey Plush Velvet Bed will help you enhance your bedroom interior. This astonishing bed is a perfect choice for your bedroom. It makes you feel accomplished, knowing that you made the right choice. Having a high footboard makes sure that the mattress doesn’t fall. At the same time as when you are making the bed. It also makes sure your bed cover doesn’t fall on the ground. 

Soft Touch Beds Grey Plush Velvet Bed will look great with Pillow Top 2000 pocket Sprung Mattress. This synergy will bring excellence to your room, and you will get it at discounted rates from Soft Touch Beds. Meaning, if both items are bought separately, you will have to incur more expense.


The colour grey by far is the most neutral colour in the colour spectrum. The colour grey can easily accommodate other colours. Grey for many is about wisdom and intellect. This colour shows maturity in every instance. Black and Brown home decor can easily be a part of this custom without any drawback, where white would make your arrangement stale.


The Grey plush velvet heaven bed comes in 2 distinct sizes which are Double and King size. 

Combo Offer

The grey plush velvet heaven bed entails combo offers. These one-time offers allow you to purchase the bed frame and the mattress at a low price. This means that you can save time and money by buying both items from us. This way both the items will be at your place instead of you only buying the frame and waiting for the mattress to arrive. 


We would like to take this opportunity to inform you that all materials and products on our website are of high quality. At the same time, We do not, in any way or form or with intent, sell or trade to sell any or all items of second-hand nature. In our eyes, this is an atrocity to honest work. Soft Touch Beds believe that customer is always right, and customer satisfaction is important in every way.



  • A Headboard Height: 121 cm
  • B Footboard Height: 50.8 cm

Double Bed Frame:

  • C Length: (205 cm)
  • D Width: (155 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)

King Bed Frame:

  • C Length: (215 cm)
  • D Width: (165 cm)

King Mattress Size: (150 cm x 200 cm)


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Chrome Feet


Plush Velvet, Fabric

Suitable Mattress

Coil, Pocket Sprung


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