Double Divan Bed with optional mattress, optional drawers and optional headboard

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Features of Double Divan Bed:

  • Affordable.
  • Reliable
  • Simple
  • Chrome Legs
  • Divan Base
  • Easy To assemble
  • Easy to Access
  • 3 neutral tone colours
  • Value for money
  • Special offer
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The Double Divan Bed by Soft Touch Bed is a perfect example of luxury and style. The bed comes with a matching headboard and drawers option, which makes wasted space into useful space. The bed is perfect for anyone looking to add a bit of glamour to their bedrooms. The base comes in two parts, the headboard needs to be attached. However, the bed comes in 2 parts by adding the headboard and the drawers the bed comes in 4 parts.

Bed Design

The design element of the Double Divan bed is fairly simple, which is why the maintenance level of the double divan bed is moderate. When a mattress is bought with the Double Divan bed, it should be rotated every few weeks to keep it. Keep in mind, self-assembly is required. Double Divan beds are easy to assemble. Soft Touch Bed will not provide assembly of any kind. The image below illustrates that it is an easy process.

The double divan bed combines the latest design with the most desirable plain fabric to bring you the best sleeping experience ever. Plain fabric is a fashion icon that will do wonders for your bed. It is a simple design with silky materials which are the reason for the design aesthetics. The double divan bed will become the envy of many due to its smooth fabric and simplicity.

Bed Style

The double divan bed makes an impression without bringing any attention to itself. This makes the double divan bed attention seeker less and blending in the background more.  The edgier and modern design are key factors to which makes this bed a work of art. The plain fabric headboard brings simplicity to your bedroom. The added chrome legs make this a masterpiece. The images don’t do justice, but the real thing is magnificent in every sense.


The steel framework is responsible for bringing strength to the Double Divan Bed. The box spring design is desired by many as it is responsible for providing comfort in every form. They are more critical in bringing new life to your mattress without sacrificing quality or durability. The spring on which that mattress rests allows the mattress to conform and adjust to the sleeper’s body mass, resulting in luxurious comfort and tremendous support for you and your family.


The plain fabric headboard is not sold separately, meaning it can be pre-booked. This and the drawers with the chrome legs do not come as a standard. While booking, you can select all the options to get the full package at half the cost. Please ensure to read the product listing carefully. All dimensions are approximations only, however, the sizing is correct. Please measure your space and have enough room clearance for the items to enter. While doing that, also make sure you have provided the proper floor number, door number to our dispatch teams to avoid any delays in your order.

Divan Bed Assembly


The double divan bed comes in three colours. These include:


The colour black embodies the darkest hues in the spectrum. Black is a very secretive as well as a formal colour. Power and control are the main components that justify its emotional spectrum. It resonates with self-control and discipline. The black double divan bed is perfect for people who feel boorish with the simple design aesthetics and want to bring a change to their bedroom.


An unemotional, grey bridges the gap between the colour black and the colour white. The focal point is when both colours intermix, resulting in the birth of the colour grey. Many people believe grey is the colour of compromise. For instance, it is very conservative but on the other hand, it is elegant. Reliability, classic and dependence are somewhat colour grey bring into your bedroom


Perfection was ever a colour, it will embody the colour white in a heartbeat. Consider by many the colour which resonates purity and cleanliness. It represents equality and unity. Customers prefer the White Double Divan bed as it can be part of numerous designs. White can easily be adjusted to various hues and doesn’t make the room feel weird in any sense.

Special Offer

The bed comes with a special offer which makes you order both the bed base and mattress of your choice at the same time. This saves time, money, and both items arrive at your location at the same time. Since assembly is a non-issue, you can get to experience the best sleep in a long time. Compared to other options, the double divan is the most affordable item.  It imbues reliability due to its steel framework and brings relaxivity due to part of the box spring base.


We take this moment to inform you that all materials in the Double Divan bed are of high quality. Meaning that Soft Touch Bed doesn’t deal or ever has dealt in second-grade items. Furthermore, all items arrive at your door in flat-pack packaging.  Please check the delivery map if we deliver. While you’re at it, do look into our policies concerning item delivery and refund policies. We make sure all items are up to your standards. Soft Touch Beds excels in making customer satisfaction a top priority.


Specifics for Double Divan Bed:

  • Simple
  •  Platform top divan base
  •  Soft finish
  • Variety
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Mattress
  • Headboard
  • Legs
  • Drawers



  • Headboard height: 50.8 cm
  • Base height:
  1. With drawers: 58.4 cm
  2. Without drawers: 53.3 cm

Double Bed Frame:

  •  Length: (190 cm)
  •  Width: (140 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds










Standard Wheels

Option to top-up to Chrome Legs


Plain Fabric




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