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Beds by Soft Touch are an investment of the ages. We take great pride in offering home decor items that are affordable as well as value for money.


We have a massive range of bunk beds, Divan beds, leather beds and fabric beds from which you can choose the one according to your preferences. Soft Touch Beds offers various attachments to enhance your sleeping experience. We pride ourselves on providing a complete comfort solution.


We have a variety of beds in our expanding range. Our vision correlates with a brand, which is to provide affordability to all customers. Our listings have been improved. Now you can easily browse with in-depth details about our products and materials we employ.

Our Team

Our team of digital experts work tirelessly to provide an experience of ease and access. We also have added a delivery map that will resolve your curiosity regarding when the products will arrive at your location. Delivery is approximations and the items might arrive at your location much earlier than the time it should.

Customer Satisfaction

Our professional customer support team is always ready and able to provide you will all the latest offers, guidance, and suggestion for your bookings. Our team is available around the clock to cater to your needs and desires.


We also offer 3rd party assembly. This offer is exclusive for London residents. All items that arrive at your location come with an instruction pouch. This pouch house all the items you need to properly assemble your products. For any missing parts, contact us as soon as possible.

Please Note

As a reminder, we suggest our customers provide exact location details. This includes the floor number and door number if you have any. Failing to do so, will employ delays regarding your bookings.


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