Grey Elo Linen Ottoman Storage Bed

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The Grey Elo Linen Ottoman Storage Bed is the perfect answer to customers seeking a cheaper alternative storage bed. The bed is not only affordable, but effortless to assemble. The plain fabric adds greater depth and subtlety to the whole bed. The linen bed is the proud member of a free-standing family. The bed doesn’t come with any support legs and relies purely on the base of the bed. The linen bed also comes with a free-standing headboard. Keep in mind, the headboard does come with the bed, and you don’t have to pay anything extra.

Frame of Linen Ottoman Storage Bed:

The frame of the Elo linen ottoman bed is of solid wood. This means that the base and headboard both provide ample strength to the whole bed. Wood has always been the material that redefines strength in numbers. That is why many UK households prefer wood, as it brings a sense of trust and a desire for longevity to the whole linen ottoman bed. 

To make sure the base handles all that it can take, stainless-steel fixtures come into play. This helps hold the base and the foundation of the linen ottoman bed.

Design Element

The design element of the Elo bed is simple at best. The plain fabric plays an important role by adding simplicity to a sophisticated bed. The fabric is a perfect example of how simple materials make ugly things look beautiful. The fabric in question offers resistance to dust and air. However, the fabric is prone to water and stain damage. 

To avoid such situations in which water might damage the fabric, customers are to use a sponge to soak the spilt water. As a final gesture, using a dry cloth will help not fabric to develop a stain.

Why Sprung Slats?

The linen ottoman bed comes with sprung slats and for a valid reason as an ottoman comes with it. The sprung slats help raise the ottoman, at the same time offer versatility to the overall bed shape. Sprung slats in comparison to solid slats are a better viable option. They offer better flexibility and bring a natural bounce to the whole linen ottoman bed. The bounce helps keep the mattress fresh and also provides relief to the sleeper. 

Having sprung slats in your bed frame is better than solid slats, as it can mitigate pressure build-up at a faster pace. This pressure is then escaping in a downward direction. Once this happens, you feel a feeling of serenity at every twist and turn. This is something that soft touch beds greatly excels in. Providing home décor items that are comfortable at best.

Why Ottoman?

The linen bed comes with an ottoman. An ottoman is a storage solution that is present inside a certain bed frame. This is done to save space and offer better storage options. The ottoman rises using hydraulic lifts that keep the ottoman storage in place. The hydraulic lifts might be a little rough at the start, but with use gradually they will be more responsive. As a last gesture, a safety latch is also presently leading the frame. This keeps the ottoman from being raised accidentally. Sprung slats and stainless-steel dividers play a crucial role in the overall shape of the bed. The frame also comes with two support legs that keep the ottoman from falling through the base of the bed frame. The ample storage option allows customers like yourself to add essential and non-essential items without any hassle.

Dirt Cheap

The main benefit of investing in a linen ottoman bed is that it is dirt cheap. Price plays a crucial role if you’re living on a tight budget. That is why the assembly of a linen ottoman bed is easy to do. The bed frame comes in three to four packages. Other benefits include the ability to store items flawlessly without any issues.

 An adult should use the hydraulic lift action, and please make sure no child doesn’t use it. The hydraulic lift is a mechanical feature, and it is not a toy. Any injury or damage from misusing the ottoman that may result in suffering, Soft Touch beds will not be responsible.

Features of Linen Ottoman Storage Bed

The linen ottoman bed features a standard headboard that comes with the bed frame. The headboard is plain fabric as well. Affordability and simplicity are some things that resonate a lot with this bed. The fabric is in the colour grey. Grey is by far the most neutral colour on the spectrum.

Customers who invest in grey home décor rely on subtlety being the main component. The colour doesn’t like to show off, instead, it loves to blend with other items in the living space. Grey is the shy cousin of the colour silver.

Special offer

The bed itself is dirt cheap, but if customers are interested, they can add a mattress as well to the order. This will incur more savings and also save time. Mattresses normally don’t go bad, but with use, most mattresses become obsolete as the materials tend to wither. By adding a mattress to your order, customers get the complete bed instead of waiting for when the mattress will arrive. If you reside in London, then you can get the bed the same day when you book your order. Please refer to our delivery policy and maps for a detailed overview of what we offer.


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