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Leather Beds

Soft Touch Bed’s Leather beds collection is stylish and fabulous. Made with high-quality Italian faux leather fabric. This fabric gives a smooth feeling and is outstanding to look at. All beds in our collection come with a strong and durable bed frame. We also have great deals and mattress solutions.

The fabric entrusted into our faux leather bed range offers distinct features and key benefits. These are


All beds come with silk smooth faux leather. Faux leather is very economical and cheaper. This means that the bed in question, a leather bed, is much cheaper and budget-friendly. This also means the materials used in the range are of top-notch quality. Keep in mind, Soft Touch Bed’s does not deal in second rate goods. We offer new goods with seals to ensure customer satisfaction. Our white faux leather bed is the cheapest of the range.


The bed in our collection is very affordable, this implies that our range is very much cheaper. This is why many customers prefer Soft Touch Beds. The faux leather bed and the faux Ottoman leather bed are the most affordable in our range.

No Maintenance

Faux leather is ideal for home furniture, and this is why we employ this fabric in all of our products. That another solid reason why the fabric requires no maintenance at all. The fabric offers key resistance to cracks, stains, and fade resistance. The fabric has ultraviolet resistance, making it a unique kind of resistance fabric. Unlike leather, faux leather does not retain moisture. This means that your fabric will not crack or warp under pressure. Take a look at our black Ottoman leather bed, it imbues perfection at every glance.


The fabric is highly durable and long-lasting. It can withstand scratches. This means that our range is very animal-friendly. It is not in any way prone to crack or fade. Moreover, it is stain resistant. Our Faux Ottoman leather bed meets this challenge head-on and succeeds.

Realistic Quality

The fabric in question for our bed range has been improved over time to provide a specific sleek and glossy look. For this reason, faux leather provides a consistent appearance. It will not sway or under pressure break. This is because the fabric comes from the same source.


Fashion designers prefer this leather, not because it's cheaper, but because it can easily use a wide range of textures and patterns. This allows the fabric to be blended into various furnishings and the transition is seamless.

All our bed frames include a protective base with sprung slats and solid slats. Keep in mind, mattresses are sold separately. Or you can avail of the combo offer found in our products.

 All our beds in this range come with complimentary rubber-wood feet and sprung slats to add a natural bounce. A sleeper can easily adjust the pressure on the bed without sacrificing comfort level.

Please recognize that the mattress sold be Soft Touch beds to ensure a high-quality product and to avail premium after-sale services.
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