Single Leather Ottoman Storage Bed Frame

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Features :

  • Affordable
  • Sprung slats
  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Line-stitch decoration 
  • Value for Money
  • Gas-lift 
  • Combo Offer
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The single leather ottoman bed is a basic upgrade for customers who want to update their bedrooms. For customers who want to add the functionality of a leather bed with a storage option, then this bed is a must-buy. The bed frame generates a calming look and feel. The bed frame comes with a seamless design and smooth fabric that makes this a better alternative than what you had in mind. Unlike its predecessor, the Single Leather Ottoman Bed has one addition. You assume correctly: A storage unit.  When a customer moves to his/her new room, the most common thing to run out is space. Now the customer could invest in a simple bed, but the customer will have no place to keep their belongings. For this reason, the single leather ottoman bed comes in handy. The storage unit underneath the bed replaces the necessity of owning a wardrobe.

Frame Design

The frame for the single leather ottoman bed is elementary. It comes in solid wood, which provides the necessary durability and strength to the whole body. To make sure that the frame can withstand extreme pressure, sprung slats are used. These slats are also of solid wood and, for support, a metal divider separates them. This divider causes the slats to have a bent feel to them. This bend enables the customer to feel a natural bounce when he/she sleeps. The natural bounce is perfect as it behaves as a medium between the force exerted and comfort.

Why Sprung Slats?

A common misconception is that why do most Ottoman come with sprung slats? Why not use solid slats?

The truth to the matter is some retailers do use solid slats, but the overall durability of the bed decreases in spades. That is why we rely on sprung slats to provide maximum support and mobility without sacrificing quality comfort.

Fabric of choice

The fabric that envelopes our single leather ottoman bed is Faux Leather. The overall quality of the fabric is perfect. This is since the fabric has the highest count of resistance and is water-proof. The bed frame is the perfect choice for customers who have pets. The faux leather fabric is by far the friendliest fabric for pets. Moreover, the fabric is plant-based, meaning that it is free of animal cruelty. So, when you do make the purchase, you don’t have to feel guilty about it. The smoothness and quality of the fabric is mesmerizing in every way possible.

Storage Unit

The single leather ottoman bed comes with ottoman storage underneath the bed. This is located using a gas lift that raises the frame in a smooth transition. At first, the mechanism might be slow but eventually, it will come to normal working conditions. Once the frame elevates, access to the storage unit opens. As per specification, customers can house their belongings without any issues.

As a safety precaution, a latch is also present right in the middle of the headboard. This latch prevents the ottoman from rising. This latch provides the necessary safety and security. Keep in mind, the gas lift is not a toy. Not properly maintaining the mechanism or handling may lead to self-injury. Soft Touch Beds takes no responsibility in any way for any mishap, as we have carefully outlined the standing operating procedure for using the gas-lift mechanism. Please be safe.


The headboard for the single leather ottoman bed comes as a standard. Customers who purchase this bed frame is in luck as they don’t have to pay extra as many other retailers do. The headboard material is the same as for the sides (Interior- exterior) and the low footboard. This is done, so customers get the whole feel of the fabric instead of the taste or small patches. The headboard can be attached and detached to suit your necessities. Keep in mind, the headboard does have benefits in providing abrasion and temperature protection. Abrasion is mostly the case when water travels into walls and cracks start to appear.

Tint Nuances

The colour variation for the single leather ottoman bed is versatile. The bed frame comes in Powerful Black, Innocent White and Honest Brown.

Powerful Black

The black single leather ottoman bed is the most popular bed frame in the market today. For many customers, the colour black brings a sense of professionalism and authority into their rooms. In many cultures, black is the most diverse colour. At the same time, the colour shows traits of rebellion and sophistication.

Innocent White

White is the fairest colour in the spectrum. Anything the colour white touches, it purifies it. The colour meaning for white is purity and clarity. Most customers that use white tint furnishing are practical and perfectionists. More than 70% of the earth is in colour white.

Honest Brown

Honest brown is that type of colour that defines itself as being natural and reliable.  The colour gives an organic feel and stability to the single leather ottoman bed. Brown is the most comfortable colour in the market today. Traits like dependencies and sincerity are common for this colour.

Ease of Access and Assembly

The ease of access for the single leather ottoman bed is basic, and it has 3 main access points. Soft Touch beds make sure that the ease of access is pretty straightforward for all our customers. The bed is accessible to all walks of customers. The assembly for the bed is fairly easy. Only the gas lift mechanism has moving parts, securing the slats is by using struts. The overall time to assemble the bed is less than 30 minutes, depending on your location.

Bonus Offer

The single leather ottoman bed also comes with an exclusive offer. This offer entails customers to pre-purchase the mattress when they book the bed frame. When our dispatch team arrives at your location, both the bed and the mattress arrive as well. This opportunity enables our customers to save time and money. A wide range of mattresses is up for grabs. Buying the mattress separately will improve the time constraints and the hassle.

Specifications :

  • Delivery in Flatpack packaging
  • Easy to assemble
  • All instructions and tools are included
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant



  • A Headboard Height: 101.6 cm
  • B Footboard Height: 33 cm
  • E Ottoman Storage Depth: 24 cm

Single Bed Frame:

  • C Length: (215 cm)
  • D Width: (115 cm)

Single Mattress Size: (90 cm x 190 cm)


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Brown, White






High-quality chipboard

Suitable Mattress

Coil, Pocket Sprung

Bed Type

Leather Bed



Upholstery material

Faux Leather


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