Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed Frame

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Features of Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed:

  • Affordable
  • Spacious
  • Sprung slats 
  • Faux leather upholstery
  • Line-stitch 
  • Padded leather headboard
  • Gas-powered lift
  • Vibrant Colours
  • Pet-Friendly
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Soft Touch Beds Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed turns wasted space into a perfect storage solution. The Sprung Slat base lifts reveal a practical storage solution that can house all your essential and non-essential items. The gas lift mechanism will be rough at the start, but eventually, it will be a breeze. The base provides tremendous storage space.


The frame of the Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed is of solid wood and Steel. The steel frame creates a skeleton that is responsible for providing strength to the whole bed. Sprung slats come into play, which focuses on providing durability to the bed. Unlike solid slats, sprung slats are flexible; this means that they generate a natural bounce. This natural bounce does wonders for the sleeper as well as the mattress. For the sleeper, it is responsible for providing the perfect night of sleep, whereas for the mattress it provides room, so air vacuum can pass through. The air vacuum is responsible for making the room and the mattress breathable.

Why Steel Fittings?

To make sure the base is long-lasting, Steel struts and fixtures play a pivotal role. These simple components hold the frame and the base in place, making sure that customers like yourself have a perfect night of sleep. The noise level for the sprung slats is at 0db, which means the bed will not make any noise when the sleeper moves around. Using a pocket sprung mattress, customers can also mask the movement of both sleepers in the bed. The mattress can mitigate pressure from both sides by using a spring system that is independent in every form.

Why Ottoman Beds?

The Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed is a new breed of ottoman bed that is taking the furniture market up a storm. The popularity of this bed can be seen in its key feature, which is to convert wasted space into a storage space that can be used for storing essential and non-essential items.

Sprung Slats and ottoman:

The Sprung Slats provide key room for the gas-lift mechanism. The mechanism allows seamless lifting of the sprung slats to allow customers to use its extensive space. The mechanism that lifts the sprung slats might be slow at the start but eventually, with time, it will become more responsive. To prevent the ottoman from rising accidentally, a safety latch is also present at the head of the bed. This feature is exclusive to Soft Touch Beds and will not be found anywhere else. This feature is the other reason why the Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed is so popular for parents. Keep in mind, this bed does not come with any wheel nor any legs. This is also not a platform bed.

Faux Leather:

Once the gas-lift mechanism completes its cycle, the Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed frame remains upright, which gives customers like your free-form access to the storage underneath. The fabric upholstery is the final reason why customers prefer this bed above all else. The faux leather is the perfect choice for this bed. It not only brings out the shape of the bed but gives a smooth feel to the Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed. Faux leather has all the qualities and none of the drawbacks. The fabric in question is affordable in every sense. The resistance to dust and stains is truly a remarkable effect. However, keep in mind the fabric is stain-proof but for any unforeseeable consequences that cause spillage, it is suggested to use a wet sponge to drain the spillage and use a dry cloth to clean the spot.

The Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed comes in 3 distinctive colours:

Chocolate Brown

Brown is materialistic. Brown is very vibrant, as the colour doesn’t like to seek attention and blends perfectly into the background. The colour brown brings warmth and comfort to the room. The colour represents reliability and is very sensitive. If perception or sincerity were ever a colour, brown would be the perfect candidate.

Secret Black

As the name suggests, the colour black is very secretive. The colour seeks attention and brings everything into focus. As per the spectrum, the colour black has zero illumination quality, meaning it is the darkest colour. The colour resonates with self-control and disclosure. Customers who prefer the Black Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed bring mystery back into their bedrooms.

Clear White

Since the colour black is pure absorption, where the colour white is pure reflection. White is everywhere and anywhere. The colour white reminds of simplicity, however, the White Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed is truly an outstanding masterpiece. While faux leather not only resurrects the bed, but also brings illumination to the whole room. The subtle hues are the reason many prefer this colour over black.

Special offers

Ottoman Beds do come in a variety of price points depending on what you desire, but if you are sticking to a budget then the Double Leather Ottoman Storage bed can be a perfect choice. That’s why the Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed comes with a special offer that allows customers to purchase the bed frame and a mattress as well. The mattress if pre-booked will arrives with the bed. This eventually saves you time, money, and hassle. For strapped-for cash customers, this is a once-in-a-lifetime offer.

So, why the wait book now

Please Note:

While booking this bed, please provide complete location details such as floor #, Door # and any other details that you can provide. Unable to provide exact location details may cause delays in the delivery of your items.

All items that arrive at your location come in 4 flat-pack packages. Please verify to have ample room. We are not responsible if your passageway does not have ample space for manoeuvring. For this hurdle, we kindly suggest our customers measure their room and their passageway if any. An equipment pouch is included as well.


Specifications of Double Leather Ottoman Storage Bed

  • Flat-pack packaging 
  • Easy to assemble
  • All instructions and tools are included
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Headboard Height: 101.6 cm
  • Footboard height: 33 cm
  • Ottoman Storage Depth: 24 cm

Double Bed Frame:

  • Length: (205 cm)
  •  Width: (155 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Brown, White






High-quality chipboard

Suitable Mattress

Coil, Pocket Sprung

Bed Type

Leather Bed

Upholstery Material

Faux Leather


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