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Sleigh Beds

Soft Touch Beds Sleigh bed collection is the best bed range in the market. It is worth the price and offers affordability in ways you can't fathom. The beds are masterpieces. The tufted headboard and footboard are awe-inspiring. The sleek velvet on these beds makes them very comfortable and cosy. The rubber wood legs that come with the bed as a standard bring an aesthetic look and feel into your bedroom. A classic design meets a modern setting. This synergy brings posh quality and luxe feeling inwards to your room.

Investing in a sleigh bed is a viable option than all the other beds in the market. They offer many  benefits which include:

Affordable option

When choosing a bed, money is always tight. That is why purchasing a sleigh bed entails every customer value for money. The bed comes with a matching headboard and footboard. Moreover, the bed comes with complimentary rubberwood legs, which enable each customer not to pay any extra cost.

Smooth Feel

The fabric of choice we employ for the upholstery of our sleigh bed range varies as it gives us a smooth and silkier feel in all our beds. The design is traditional, but the fabric upholstery is all modern. The smooth feel is something we are thrilled about.


Velvet plays a pivotal role in shaping the design and look of the bed. It gives it a posh look that many other beds in the market lack thereof. The crushed velvet pattern showcases a glossier feel in the bed, whereas the plush velvet pattern showcases a smoother feel in the bed. Fashion designers have always preferred velvet, not because it’s cheaper, but because it can be used for various textures and patterns.

Strong Support

Soft Touch Bed’s sleigh bed range is one of the finest bed ranges in the market today. All our bed collections come with wooden slats that provide the much-needed strength and support to the bed frame. This strength in number gives the bed frame a natural bounce feel. When pressure is exerted on the bed frame, the sleep can micromanage the comfort level on the bed. Moreover, the footboard keeps the sleeper’s legs cosy and comfortable.

Comfortable Bed

As previously explained, sleigh beds are very cosy. With the perfect mattress, they provide a comfort level of epic proportions. The tufted headboard and footboard are the key to this bed being so comfortable. The design aesthetics of the bed make you feel that you are reliving the 18th century all over again. This is actually a great thing, the 1800s were a great time for innovations and inventions. This bed incorporates these grand designs and moulds them into a bed range that redefines the word majestic.


Our sleigh bed range can suit any room. Meaning that they are not specific for one simple room. Most research has shown that this bed range is very common in modern households. Moreover, the bed is very safe for kids and is available in a wide array of colours.

How to clean Sleigh bed

  • Vacuum the headboard and the footboard

  • Use a lukewarm cloth to clean stains if any 

  • Dry the headboard, footboard and lukewarm water spot if any.

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