Wooden Triple Bunk Bed with Mattresses

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  • Pine Wood
  • Durability
  • Secure using guardrails
  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • Value for money
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Bunk Beds are specifically designed to accommodate more than one person. Soft Touch beds ranges include a single wooden bunk bed, Wooden Triple Bunk Bed, Single Metal Bunk Bed and Triple Metal Bunk bed.


The framing of the triple wooden bunk bed consists of two layers of bed frames, with each frame laying on top of the other. The main purpose of a bunk bed is to save horizontal space and accommodate more than one person. Bunk beds are perfect for children as they involve the ability to save space. The bunk beds are very popular. The white triple wooden bunk bed is the latest fashion trend. The main advantage of the single bunk beds over their spacious cousins is that they can be separated into a double bed, whereas the triple bunk bed can’t due to their structure as well as their framing.

Why Pine Wood?

The skeleton of the wooden Triple Bunk Bed is of pine wood. This gives the overall appeal that brings strength and long-lasting durability. Metallic frames are inexpensive and lighter, whereas their wooden counterparts do cost but are sturdier in every form. Soft Touch Beds make sure all wooden bunk beds are treated for termite protection. Termites are more prominent in warmer climates in comparison to colder climates. This is not the case for UK residents, like the weather, all year round the weather is either gloomy or cold.

What is the base of the wooden Triple Bunk Bed?

The frame of the wooden Triple Bunk Bed also entails a solid slate base that enables sleepers to experience serene sleep. The gap between the slats allows air to pass through which keeps the mattress in consolidated temperature, meaning the air vents keep the mattress in cooler form. Overall, the breathing of the room increases ten-fold.


The wooden Triple Bunk Bed is cosier than the triple metal bunk bed. This is since the triple metal bunk bed is spacious but has constraints in terms of the design concept, whereas this bunk bed has no drawbacks to designing constraints. In terms of temperature control, the triple metal bunk bed is much more resistant, whereas this bunk bed is more suitable for colder climates. This helps in raising the temperature to optimum levels.


The only drawback with the wooden Triple Bunk Bed is that wood is a fire hazard. However, Soft Touch Beds makes sure that all materials are of high quality and pass UK fire safety certification. Furthermore, pinewood comes with treatment that prevents the materials to be less of a fire hazard and more resistant to open flame.

Mattress options

Soft Touch Beds offers a wide selection of mattresses that are crucial for children’s needs and if you want the best sleeping experience possible. Our mattresses excel in not only providing one of the greatest sleeping experiences but at the same time, it offers health relief from body stiffness, cramps, and muscle relief. Above all else, your child awakes and gets the comfortable sleep he deserves.


The spacing of the top bunk for the wooden Triple Bunk Bed is of single seating, whereas the bottom bunk can space up to two sleepers at the same time. In total, as the name suggests, three sleepers can sleep in the bunk beds without any issues. Keep in mind the mattress will be of the same size as the spacing. The access of the Bunk Bed is three. Top bunk bed access is through the safety ladder, whereas the bottom bunk bed can be accessed from either side. However, if the bunk bed is close to the wall, then the access limits itself to two.

Where to buy the triple bunk beds?

Soft Touch Beds is the best place to buy triple bunk beds. Currently, the beds come in two materials, which is wooden and metallic. We also offer an option to pre-purchase the mattress with your order. This helps you save crucial time and money.


To make sure the top bunk bed for the wooden Triple Bunk Bed is fully secure, proficient guardrails prevent the sleeper or the mattress from falling over. The guardrails offer adjacent spacing which does not interfere with the top bunk bed’s comfortable sleep.  Using steel fixtures, the bunk bed is awfully quiet. Squeaking and clicking are less than 0db.

The triple wooden bunk bed comes in 3 colours, this includes the Bunk Bed’s natural finish of pine-oak and 2 vibrant colours that bring new life to your children’s bedrooms. These include:


The colour grey brings the wooden Triple Bunk Bed into a simplified form. The natural colour of pine wood is coated with a form finish colour grey, which correlates with a wide range of interiors. The colour grey is the lighter cousin for the colour silver. Its viscosity is the same that when the colours black and colour white meet, the break-even point results in the birth of this colour.


The colour white on the wooden Triple Bunk Bed is not only beautiful, but everlasting. White is the colour of purity and fresh new beginnings. The colour white adds a wide array of options to apply a second coat of paint to make the Bunk Bed to any colour of your choice. Your children will truly fall in love with this product colour.

Natural Oak

Natural Oak is not a colour and doesn’t represent any form in the spectrum. The natural element boasts value as well as fine craftsmanship, which clearly shows that Soft Touch Beds uses high-quality items. The natural oak allows customers to apply the first and second coats of fresh paint of their volition.

Easy to Assemble

The assembly of the Bunk Bed is fairly simple, which means that in no time you can assemble the bunk bed. If you have booked the special offer which entails the mattress option, then your children will be ready to sleep that same day when the bunk bed arrives at your location. By adding the mattress to your order, which entails, you save time, money, and overall hassle that you might incur while ordering from other sellers.

Dual Purpose

Soft Touch Beds excels in providing affordable products that are more than meets the eye. The dual purpose of the wooden Triple Bunk Bed is the Soft Touch bed’s greatest achievement. This means that if you order a grey Marsylia 203 wardrobe in comparison to Alina wardrobe is not only saves space but also gives you better visibility which the Alina wardrobe lacks. The same thing is for bunk beds, as they convert wasted space into a useful luxury. However, Soft Touch Beds caters to all enthusiasts and people with majestic tastes.


The wooden Triple Bunk Bed come in four packages. This also includes the equipment pouch that houses all the necessary items you need to assemble the bunk bed. All packages come in flat-pack packaging, which is easily recyclable in comparison to plastic.

Please Note

To make sure no delays are in your order as they might before the time given, please kindly provide the proper delivery details. This includes the door number, floor number in your order. Failure to do so may lead to delays in your order. The measurement and dimension of the wooden Triple Bunk Bed are approximate. Please measure your space to avoid any mobility issues when the order arrives at your location.

Specifications of Wooden triple bunk bed:

  • Wooden Frame
  • Solid Slats
  • Smooth Finish
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Built-in Wooden Ladder
  • 2 Side guard rails
  • Equipment Pouch

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Oak, Grey, White

Bed Type

Wooden Bunk Bed

Bed Size

Trio (Bottom Double/Top single) bunk bed with Built-in Ladder




Inbuilt wooden ladder


Single Top Width: (100 cm)
Double Bottom Width: (150 cm).
Length: (200 cm).

Single Mattress Size: (90 cm x 190 cm)
Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)



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