Wooden Single Bunk Bed with mattresses

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  • Double Sleeping space
  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Safety Rails
  • high-quality.
  • Simplicity
  • Solid Slats 
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The Wooden Single Bunk bed by soft-touch beds is the perfect answer for customers looking for a bed that can easily accommodate two children and at the same time save space. The wooden single bunk bed is great for customers who are budget-friendly and want to make wasted space into something useful.


The Wooden Single Bunk bed is the best bunk bed available by Soft touch Beds. The bunk bed with pine wood in a natural finish is something out of a fairy tale. The framing is simple, which means customers can easily assemble the bunk bed with no issues whatsoever. The style of the bunk bed mixes both modern design and contemporary aesthetics. Customers should also be happy to know that the wooden single bunk bed can transform into two separate single beds. This option is exclusively available for this type of bed. Soft Touch Beds makes sure that all furniture products not only fulfil the necessity that every customer requires. We offer services and products that go above and beyond the call of duty.


The wooden single bunk bed comes with a solid slat base. This provides the ability to keep the mattress and the sleep cool and in all seasons. The vents in the mattresses allow air to pass through, which keep the room temperature moderate and everything breathable.

The access point of the wooden single bunk bed is three. However, when placed near the wall, the access point diminished into 2. Steel struts and fixtures are added to the frame to provide strength to the whole frame and to keep the bunk bed in prime shape.


The length of the wooden single bunk bed is 6.3 feet, which means it can easily accommodate tall children without any issues. The materials in the bunk bed are of the highest quality. The assembly of the wooden single bunk bed is fairly easy, this means that customers will be able to construct the bunk bed in no time.

Customers looking for quality in bunk beds are suggested to not look further, as the Wooden Single Bunk Bed is the best candidate for the query. Pine wood plays a critical role in bringing long-lasting durability and strength to the whole frame. To make sure the top bunk has great access, a safety ladder comes in handy. This means children or adults will have no problem reaching the top bunk bed.

Can the safety ladder split up?

Yes, the safety ladder can be split up. However, the top bunk bed access will become limited. As the ladder adds safety and security to the wooden single bunk bed.

Can you fall off the bunk bed?

No, you can’t fall off the wooden single bunk bed due to safety guardrails that prevent both the sleeper and the mattress from falling over. Furthermore, the top bunk bed is properly secured to lessen the noise. Currently, the noise ambience is at 0db.

Can the Wooden Single bunk bed tip over?

No, Soft Touch Bed’s Wooden Bunk bed is made of pine wood, which is sturdy in every sense possible. Customers can rest assured that the bunk bed will be able to handle all the weight it can muster. Reinforcement of the whole frame is by using stainless-steel fixtures.

Can the bunk bed become a single bed?

Yes, the bunk bed can be used as two single beds for your children or even adults.

Are bunk beds safe?

Yes, the bunk beds are safe in every way possible. The bunk bed passes through strict UK safety checks. Furthermore, the bunk beds come with a safety lady and two sets of guardrails that prevent the top bunk sleeper from falling over.

What height are bunk beds?

The height of the bunk beds is 5 feet, meaning if they were disassembled, they would each be 2.5 feet respectively.

Which bunk beds are the best?

It depends merely on the customer’s choice, but for value for money, an optional mattress Soft Touch Beds Wooden Single bunk best is the best option available.

Where to buy bunk beds online?

The best place would be Google, but for exclusive discounts and fast delivery, then your safest bet is Soft Touch Beds.

Which bunk beds are near me cheap?

Which bunk beds are for sale and in stock?

The answer to all these questions is Soft Touch Bed’s Wooden Single bunk bed. Not only is it dirt cheap, but it is in stock. Unlike other sellers, we offer prices that are affordable in every way possible

I am strapped for cash. Which bunk bed could you get for under £200?

If you are low on funds, then do not fret, Soft Touch Beds Wooden Single Bunk beds come under the £200 belt. Do ask our sales agents for current discounts and sales offers.

The bunk bed is the perfect choice for customers who have trouble deciding between affordability and space. Why don’t you invest in Soft Touch Bunk beds and get the best of both worlds.

The bunk beds come in a natural finish as well as in 2 distinct colours

Natural Finish

The oak finish is the natural skin of pine wood. The frame of a wooden single bunk bed in its natural setting looks magnificent and simple. Customers who invest in this design have the choice to paint the bunk bed into any colour they desire. However, Soft-touch Beds only offers two colours and any other colour changes should be done by the customer.


The colour white resonates with hope and unity. The colour white blemishes and hues give customers the feel of purity. The white wooden single bunk bed is truly spectacular. As always, it gives customers the option to apply a second coat of paint of any colour they desire. Soft Touch beds do not offer this choice. The product is at is. Any changes to the colour of the bunk bed are the customer’s sole responsibility.


The colour grey is neutral in every way possible; this means this colour is specifically for those customers who want to bring a sense of balance into their bedrooms. The colour grey showcases the point when both the colour black and the colour white meet. This break-even point is the place where the birth of the colour grey happens.

Special offer

The wooden single bunk bed comes with a special offer that enables the customer to purchase a mattress while making this order. This gesture by Soft touch Beds allows customers to not only save money, but time. When the order finally arrives at your location, you will get the whole package, not only the frame. This saves you the hassle of waiting for the mattress from another seller. Soft Touch Beds will not take your old mattresses if you have any.


To make sure your order is on time or before that, please verify to give the proper location. Please provide the proper door number, floor number. Failing to do so will lead to delays in your order. We at Soft Touch Beds would like to avoid that as it is counter-productive.

Specifications of Wooden single bunk bed:

  • Perfect for kids and adults. 
  • Space-saving 
  • Can be split up
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Included Options

  • Built-in Ladder
  • 2 Side-guardrail Set

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds



Bed Type

Bunk Bed

Bed Size

Two single 3 feet beds


Pine Wood


Inbuilt wooden ladder


Single Bed Frame:
C– Length: (200 cm)
D– Width: (100 cm)
Single Mattress Size: (90 cm x 190 cm)



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