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The Chesterfield Divan bed by Soft Touch beds is our newest addition. By combining traditional design with a modern setting, we bring a truly spectacular bed. Chesterfield is a Victorian-era design that speaks volumes of excellence. The bed is the perfect answer to a complete bed. The aesthetics make this a popular bed. Like the divan bed, the chesterfield divan bed is compact at best. It can space small to medium rooms easily. The bed comes in three to four packages.

Frame of Oxford Chesterfield Divan Bed:

The frame of the divan bed is of solid wood. The bed comes with the usual two bases that you get when you order a divan bed. The combination of the divan bases is fairly simple and involves q-clips that keeps the bed compact. The q-clips are inside the bases, instead of outside, as depicted by the image below. The image below clearly illustrates how to assemble the divan bed without any hassle. The chesterfield divan bed is the perfect answer to customers who are seeking a majestic bed that comes with a storage solution. By merging the best of both worlds, Soft Touch Beds offers a complete package.


The design element of the chesterfield bed is luxurious. Meaning that style purely concedes with the design of the bed. The style of the bed is chesterfield with a plush velvet pattern. Chesterfield is a famous design that many British households love. It has been part of UK culture and history for more than two centuries. By fusion of both traditional and modern aesthetics, Soft Touch Beds bring a bed that is not only affordable but at the same worth the value.

Why Box Springs?

The divan bases of the chesterfield divan bed are of Box springs. Unlike slats, box springs work differently. Slats require pressure build-up to elevate comfort, whereas box springs rely on structural support to provide comfort. The distinct reason the box spring separates from the slats is that slats have an uneasy habit of breaking down, whereas the durability of the box spring is with the frame of the chesterfield bed. For every customer, flexibility and comfort are two factors they desire from their bed, the chesterfield bed fully does that and more.

What comes as standard?

Currently, the chesterfield divan bed comes with chrome legs. The legs also come with link bars, which helps strengthen the whole bed. The link bars are added to the frame at the last moment. The bed also comes with a standard headboard and footboard. Both have traditional chesterfield designs in them. Moreover, both the headboard are free-standing and house fabric studs in them. However, both the headboard and the footboard can’t be adjusted. The bed comes with all the necessary fittings. Like the chrome legs, the chesterfield footboard come last.

What comes as optional?

The chesterfield bed comes with an optional choice to add drawers into the mix. As standard, the bed comes with zero drawers, but customers can add up to four drawers without any issues. Customers can choose two drawers left-hand side, 2 right-hand side drawers or the full complement of four drawers. This addition changes the whole concept of the bed from a traditional bed to a storage bed. By adding storage options, customers can use the drawers to take care of their essential and non-essential items. The extra space helps remove clutter, which is very common in UK households.

Plush velvet and the colour grey

Plush velvet fabric plays an important role in bringing ingenuity and finesse to the bedroom. Where the colour grey is the reason for bringing steel hues to your bedroom. The colour grey is an enigmatic colour. It personifies intelligence and wisdom. Customers who invest in this colour don’t do it because it is the balance between the colour white & black, but they do it because it can easily blend with a multitude of colours. The colour grey is common in the door handles and internal working of every machine out there.

Divan Collection

Soft Touch beds collection is not limited to choice or design. Our collection comes in various sizes and numerous colour options. Soft-touch beds excel in bringing truly exquisite and luxurious home décor items. This elation is for you and your living spaces. Soft Touch beds offer affordable home solutions that many online retailers lack. For London residents, they can expect same-day delivery, please refer to the delivery map to check if we deliver in your area. If you still feel unsure, then call us at 0208-004-8262 and our customer support team will help you in any way possible.



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