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The Cosmic Plush Velvet bed frame is the perfect answer for customers hunting for something fascinating. We spend a massive amount of our lives whilst sleeping. This calls for a bed frame that is both wonderful and long-lasting. That is why the plush velvet comes to your mind. The bed design fully incorporates what you are looking for in a bed. Simplicity and feasibility, two things that many other home décor items lack. The plush velvet bed is a new addition to our platform bed collection. And it truly captures the grace of what a majestic bed should look like.


The Cosmic plush velvet bed frame is the epitome of contemporary. The headboard envelops in narrow vertical lines that fascinate customers with its design elements. It mixes contemporary design with modern settings. As many of you have already guessed, a bed is a special place where you rest your fragile body to rejuvenate and refresh for the next day. These are some wonders of having a bed frame that brings quality at every glance.

Why the Cosmic plush velvet bed frame?

Nothing screams opulence and splendour like our plush velvet bed. All our beds in our collection are stars of the show. All the Soft Touch Beds are masterpieces. This means that we not only cater to a customer’s desire, but their fashion needs as well. Invest now and be happy for the rest of your life. If space is of no consequence, then this bed is to go for. Currently, the bed is exclusively available in the colour grey


The Cosmic plush velvet bed frame is of solid wood. The internal skeleton of the bed is also of wood. Stainless-steel fixtures and struts help secure the bed. They offer better strength and keep the plush velvet frame in a compact position. This means that the bed will remain in prime condition without the worry of any wear or tear. To make sure that the plush velvet stands the test of time, solid slats come into play. Unlike sprung slats, solid slats offer maximum support. The solid slats have space between them which enables air to pass through.

Almost all mattresses come with air vents, well, mostly sold by Soft Touch beds. The air vents properly match the solid slats of the bed. This is a beneficial response that helps in regulating airflow in the room. The process helps keep the room and mattress fresh. Solid slats are sturdier materials, meaning they can easily withstand pressure build-up. And customers who invest in the Pillow-top 2000 pocket sprung mattress could achieve this sense of tranquillity without any issues.

Platform bed

The Cosmic plush velvet bed frame is a member of the platform bed collection. It comes with chrome legs with link bars as standard. These link bars help reinforce the bed, an option that many online retailers don’t offer. Soft Touch Beds provides this service free of cost to make sure that customers who invest in the bed never leave the focus on why we are Britain’s most affordable brand. Furthermore, a standing headboard comes as standard. The headboard requires no legs as it is free-standing.

High Footboard

The Cosmic plush velvet bed frame also comes with a high footboard. This addition fully envelops your mattress of choice. The main objective of the footboard is to keep the mattress and your legs in place. Customers who purchase both the bed and mattress from us should be happy to know that they will incur savings right at the gate. Moreover, the mattress will come in the same size,  meaning that the moment the bed is ready for sleeping the mattress will be right there with you.

Plush Velvet

The fabric we use for the bed is, of course, Plush Velvet. Velvet is one of the most popular fabrics in the market, and every online retailer uses it to bring their products to life. However, Soft Touch Beds does it better. Instead of just plastering the fabric, Soft Touch Beds carefully wrap the fabric to create a unique design and shape. The soft velvet will transition from a showpiece to a work of art. The translucent elements with a smooth texture are the few highlights that Soft Touch Beds bring with their top-notch home décor items.

Grey and Delivery

The colour grey makes the perfect impression by combining both subtlety and sage wisdom. Grey is an astonishing colour. It is the result of the eternal struggle of colours black and white. Grey is the cousin of silver and unlike silver, it doesn’t like to show off, instead of like to blend in. The assembly of the Cosmic plush velvet bed frame is fairly simple. London’s residents can easily avail of this offer, however, keep in mind that the assembly service is fully the third party. We don’t own assemblers.  Customers can easily check the ETA of their products by going to our improved delivery map. They can also check the assembly map to check where we offer our third-party service.


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