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The Grey Elo Crushed Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed by Soft touch Beds is a work of art. The bed is perfect for customers who are interested in both crushed velvet and ottoman style storage solutions. The design elements are highly fashionable and offer a wide array of varieties. The grey Elo ottoman bed is a type of hybrid bed, a bed that merges two unique traits to create an everlasting product. That is why the bed does it take the vibrant hues of Crushed velvet and merges with the style of an ottoman bed to create a serene product for the masses.

Frame of Crushed Velvet Ottoman Storage Bed:

The frame of the grey Elo ottoman bed is of solid wood. Wood plays an important role as it provides durability and strength in numbers. Stain-less steel fixtures help place the frame of the grey Elo ottoman bed in place. This is why the bed can withstand extreme pressure build-up and offer a long-lasting durability that many other beds in the market lack. The grey Elo ottoman bed comes in double size. At the same time, sprung slats help limit motion transfer between you and your partner.

Why Sprung Slats?

To make sure the ottoman has zero issues, sprung slats come into play. Sprung slats are way better than solid slats for several reasons. They offer more flexibility and functionality. The shape of the slats is all due to the part of the steel divider that separates the sprung slats into two sides. This shape helps credit the bed frame, mattress, and sleeper all at the same time. It offers opportunities for the sleeper to have a comfortable sleep without any issues.


Storage is a common issue that every person faces. That is why the grey Elo ottoman bed is the perfect candidate for the job. The bed comes with an everlasting ottoman from the get-go. This means that it resolves customers from putting money in storage options that require more space, which you don’t have. Why invest in a wardrobe when the grey Elo ottoman bed can get the job done dirt cheap.


The end lift storage is a perfect solution. The gas lift hydraulics helps lift the ottoman with ease, however, keep in mind that the hydraulics lift might be a little rough at the start. But with use, the hydraulics lift will be more responsive. Sprung slats play an important aspect in providing key strength to the ottoman. They help mitigate pressure build-up and excel in holding their own without any issues.


The mechanism to which the exquisite bed frame, the mattress comes into play, is fairly simple. The sprung slats come with wide gaps that properly coincide with the mattress. The mattress has air vents; these help properly pass air between the bed frame and the mattress. This action helps keep the room fresh, at the same time you will experience one of the best serene nights of sleep ever.  This is one of the reasons why many customers prefer the grey Elo ottoman bed, as it is more than meets the eye.

Crushed Velvet

The crushed velvet fabric fully envelops the grey Elo ottoman bed. The fabric in question brings a posh design and vibrant pattern to the whole bed. Velvet is the most sought fabric in the market today. Customers prefer velvet to any other fabric because they’re easy to clean and look mind-blowing at every glance. Velvet in a crushed pattern is highly resistant to dust, dirt and stain free. By touching the fabric, you will resort to a bright reflective feel on the grey Elo ottoman bed surface. This is what separates plush velvet for its pattern and crushed velvet is glossier.

The Colour Grey

The crushed velvet ottoman bed comes in the colour grey. Grey is a masterful colour that is the result of both the colours black and white. The eternal struggle reaches a break-even point and results in an adventurous colour. Grey is the shy cousin of sparkling silver. The shining element is less common in grey than silver. However, grey is unknown by many. It might be shy but offer sage wisdom and is the sign of intellect and intelligence. Grey means years of expertise. The colour synergies with the crushed velvet fabric to create a lustful shade that is truly remarkable.

Customers who order Grey Elo ottoman beds also get the majestic headboard as standard and Rubberwood legs. Sadly, no chrome legs with link bars do not come with the grey ottoman bed.

Special offer

Currently, Soft Touch beds are offering the mattress range on special offers. Customers who invest in grey Elo ottoman beds can get the Pillow top 2000 pocket sprung mattress dirt cheap. By adding the mattress to your booking of the bed, you save time and money. Moreover, both the items arrive at the same time, which means that you don’t have to wait. The assembly of the grey Elo ottoman bed is fairly simple. Meaning that you can get the bed ready in no time as all items arrive with the bed. Most probably they can be found behind the headboard.

Please Note

Keep in mind, the mattress that you book for the bed will be of the same size as the bed frame. To make your booking a fast process, please do give your proper location which includes your door number and floor number, failing to do so will result in delays that neither you nor us can afford.


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