Plush Velvet Royal Wingback Bed

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Features :

  • Affordable
  • Plush Velvet Upholstery
  • Chrome Feet
  • Stress-free Assembly
  • Time-Saver
  • Solids Slats
  • Comfortable Bed
  • Budget-Friendly
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The plush velvet royal wingback bed is the latest craze to hit the market. The curvilinear design of the headboard and horizontal lines helps create a central point and brings a sense of greatness to the bedroom. This centrepiece will beautify any bedroom. The plush velvet upholstery is of the highest quality, making it a lavish bed. The bed merges soft lines with tufted upholstery.


The austere design combines with the soft plush velvet fabric which makes this the best example of contemporary aesthetics and plush designs.

The framework is of solid wood and the exterior is of high-quality fabric. The solid slats play a critical role in providing strength and support to the bed. The solid slats are preferable to the sprung slats as they provide a better durable option. To make sure the bed frame stays in its original shape. Struts have been added to the bed, these simple components make sure the slats remain intact throughout their use.   This wider design gives it a luxurious feel. Keep in mind, this design is not for show, but it brings many benefits that are a blessing to the sleeper. The cosmetic appeal of this bed is of the roof.

Wingback Headboard

The curvilinear headboard has pressure points inside its interior. These provide ample relief to the sleeper while sleeping or sitting upright. The main goal of any headboard is to provide comfort and stop abrasion from happening. This curvilinear headboard does that and more. The plush velvet plays a critical role in not only decreasing the temperature of the room, but at the same time lessening the amount of abrasion found inside the walls. Abrasion is the by-product when water seeps into your walls and cracks start to appear across your bedroom. The headboard is the perfect solution as it decreases the temperature of the room, which stops abrasion from taking place.

Plush velvet

Plush velvet fabric is a lavish fabric. The fabric plays an important role in this bed. The fabric brings key resistances, which in return provides comfort and a sense of security to the sleeper. This means the fabric is dirt and dustproof. The highly absorbent fabric, meaning if you find a stain it would be advisable to clean it as soon as possible.

Animal-friendly fabric

The plush velvet fabric is very pet-friendly. This means that your four-legged companion can join in as well for the sleepover. The fabric is of superior quality, meaning you don’t need to worry if your pets try to scratch the headboard. They will be in shock, as the quality fabric can absorb and is highly resistant. Customers who bought the bed are singing praises for the bed, as they agree that the headboard is truly exhilarating in every sense.

Easy to clean

The royal wingback bed is easy to clean. This means that if you have any spills on the headboard, it is suggested to use a paper towel as the plush velvet is highly absorbent. Please don’t rub the spills as it might put a strain on the fabric, and it will then only be cleaned if you use a professional cleaning service. Leave the spill to dry and then use a vacuum cleaner to clean any leftovers.

Avoid Exposure to Sunlight

It is also suggested to keep the bed from direct sunlight. Plush velvet bed is a high-quality fabric, but direct sunlight exposure may cause it to fade. To maintain its shape, position the bed in this way so that the head of the bed doesn’t come into contact with sunlight exposure.

Contemporary Designs

The royal wingback bed brings a visual appeal to your bedroom. The curvilinear design and the smooth horizontal lines are the main aesthetic that separates this bed from the competition. These kinds of design beds are most common in high-end hotels. You can now bring a luxurious bed into your bedroom.

The colour grey

The colour grey is the perfect companion for the royal wingback bed. Considered by many as an unemotional colour. The colour aesthetic clearly shows the synergy of both the colour black and the colour white. The colour grey brings reliability, maturity, and classic back into the bedroom. Customers who prefer this colour are mostly intelligent and dependable. The colour grey is universal neutral and can be matched to any other product in our range.

Grey is conservative in one instance and retrospective, it is formal and elegant


The maintenance level of the royal wingback bed is very low. This means cleaning once a month or once every two weeks that the bed will remain fresh. The high-quality materials are the reason for the low maintenance. This is why the royal wingback is so easy to clean.

What to expect when you order this bed?

The price of the bed includes the headboard as well as chrome feet that bring a luxurious feel to the bedroom. For complete stability, the wingback headboard is based on the floor-standing design. This is why the headboard doesn’t come with any feet. The chrome feet bring a posh feel. The royal wingback bed with plush velvet fabric comes in 4 flat pack packages.

Easy to Assemble

The assembly of the royal wingback bed is fairly simple. Customers who have no assembly experience can assemble the royal wingback bed in less than an hour.

Special Offers

Soft Touch Beds Royal Wingback bed, when bought with a mattress, incurs savings. The added advantage of booking both the bed and mattress is that both are delivered at the same time. This saves you time, money, and hassle. You can experience comfort and peace of mind all at the same time. So, Book now and bring elegance home.

Please Note

When placing an order, Please include your exact location, door number and floor. Failing to provide the exact details may lead to delays in the delivery of your items.

Specifications of Plush Velvet Royal Wingback Bed:

  • Flatpack packaging
  • Comes in 4 parts
  • Needs Assembly
  • Easy to assemble
  • All instructions and tools are included
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Headboard height: 121 cm
  • Footboard height: 50.8 cm

Double Bed Frame:

  •  Length (215 cm) x Width (165 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)

King Bed Frame:

  •  Length(225 cm) x Width(175 cm)

King Mattress Size: (150 cm x 200 cm)


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  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    Bought the combo offer from fast delivery and the price was right. I am more than happy about the service they have provided. The bed was remarkable. It was easy to assemble, no detailed setups. The simple instructions manual helped out.

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