Small Double Crushed Velvet Bed

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Features :

  • Add-on to fully customize the bed frame
  • Tuft upholstery
  • Versatile design
  • Calming
  • Modern
  • Neutral
  • Pure
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The small double crushed velvet bed is a unique type of divan bed. Divan beds are quite famous for providing compact designs with grand features. The version by Soft Touch Beds is quite different from the one which you can find in the market. The most prominent difference that you might see is that the headboard is of the same quality as the sides of the bed. This aesthetic adds versatility and simplicity. The design element for the small double crushed velvet bed is simple as it can be.

Why Divan Beds?

Divan beds are perfect candidates for customers looking for a bed that has a compact design and which are easily customized. Moreover, divan beds are very practical. Customers prefer this bed frame type more than any bed frame type. The compact size is the case in all aspects.

Wood the perfect balance

The small double crushed velvet bed frame is of solid wood. The solid wood conveys superior quality and durability to your bedroom. The bed frame is regal in every sense you can imagine. The box slats provide the much-needed strength to the whole bed. The vacuum is famous for doing two things at once. One it provides breathability to the mattress and second it allows the sleeper to experience comfort by managing the pressure.


The small double crushed velvet bed is adaptable to any bedroom. The bed frame arrives with an optional headboard and storage solution. These two attachments can add mobility, which is very rare for a divan bed. Customers can use the storage drawers to add necessary and dispensable items without the hassle of buying another storage option.  The divan bed is also advantageous because the bed frame is effortless to assemble. The components that stack up the frame are elementary. This allows customers to assemble the bed frame in no time.

Reinforce Option

The small double crushed velvet bed also comes with chrome legs which can be pre-purchased. The divan bed is most ordinarily known as a platform bed because of the chrome legs. The platform element adds space and helps the bed frame create an air vacuum, which is viable for both the mattress and the sleeper. By default, the small double crushed velvet divan bed does come with wheels.


The small double crushed velvet comes in 3 vibrant colours. These colours bring a mysterious feel to your bed frame. The 3 colours that signal this change are:

Formal black

The colour back is the most professional in the market. The colour has the ability not to bring attention to itself in any way possible. Expertise and passion are key traits for this colour. Customers who bring the colour black into their lives are mostly autonomous and fearless.

Humble champagne

Every time customers view the colour champagne, the colour gold comes into focus But that is not the case, this colour is a mixture of orange and yellow. The allure given by this colour is, simply put, like the sun. The customers who invest in this colour for their home décor needs are happy and humble.  The colour itself is intoxicating and fashionable. The colour champagne is the colour for inspiration.

Wise Silver

The colour silver is quite a different enlightenment. The colour qualifies to futuristic and calm aesthetics. Customers who prefer this colour for their bedroom are wise and responsible. Foresight comes to the mind of the customer when they view this type of bed and in this design.

Tuft Upholstery

The headboard of the small double crushed velvet bed comes in a tuft upholstery. This allows the customer to feel comfortable and can easily sit upright without feeling any issues with it. The headboard can be attached and detached to suit your needs. The headboard like the chrome legs is optional.

Resistance is key

Crushed velvet plays an immersive role in providing the bed frame with a distinctive look and feel. Like any other velvet in the market, crushed velvet has the highest concentration of resistant fabric on the face of the earth. The fabric is famous for repelling almost everything. From stains to spills and dirt, this fabric is astonishing. To identify if the fabric is plush or crushed, crushed velvet has a printed texture on it whereas the plush velvet is in a pile.  The most durable bed brings the simplest bed to the 21st century.

Special Offers

All simple components in this small double crushed velvet bed frame are of the highest quality and pass UK safety laws. Moreover, the bed frame is affordable in every way possible. Without the addition of any add-on, the frame is dirt-cheap. However, with the add-on and the optional bedding, customers can avail massive savings. Currently, the combo offer brings up to 50% off if both the bed and the bedding are bought.

Divan Bed Assembly


Specifications :

  • Compact
  • Platform top
  • Crushed Velvet
  • Elegant
  • Reliable
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Storage Drawers
  • Headboard
  • Mattress
  • Chrome Legs



  • A Headboard Height: 50.8 cm
  • B Base Height:
  1. With drawers: 58.4 cm
  2. Without drawers: 53.3 cm

Small Double Bed Frame:

  • C Length: (190 cm)
  • D Width: (120 cm)

Small Double Mattress Size: (120 cm x 190 cm)


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Silver, Champagne


Small Double


Standard Divan Headboard (Optional)


2 to 4 Storage Drawers (optional)


Chrome Legs (Included) – Wheels (Optional)


Crush Velvet Fabric Upholstery

Suitable mattress type

Coil, Pocket Sprung


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