Alina Bedside Table


Features of Alina Bedside Table:

  • 7 Design Colours.
  • Flat Top
  • Rectangular Shape
  • Can be part of numerous designs
  • Entails 1 drawer
  • Affordable
  •  Matte finish
  • Metallic Handles
  • Value for Money

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    • £


Alina bedside table by Soft Touch Beds is a contemporary piece of home décor. It resonates with simplicity at every angle. The Alina bedside table is a part of the Alina Home décor collection. The home décor item in question is sold separately as well.  Customers who invest in the Alina Home décor collection get the best of both worlds. The simplicity and the value of money. These traits justify why the Alina bedside table is the best choice for your bedroom 


Alina bedside table is of solid wood. This means that the construction is strong and durable. The matte finish truly complements the design aesthetics of the bedside table. Unlike modern designs that follow a simple set of rules, the contemporary version brings customization to the next level. The bedside table is the perfect companion if you are ever in the market for a table with multiple roles.


The design element of the Alina bedside table is contemporary style. This means it doesn’t follow any set of rules. It merges both simplicity and posh looks. The Alina bedside table comes in distinct designs. The flat top and a rectangular shape. These designs are key to your bedroom. Each design gives you a perspective that truly redefines your desires and choices.

The Alina bedside table comes with one drawer as a standard.  The space beneath the drawers is empty. This suggests that you can store various items. The bedside table is perfect for reading and storing electronic gadgets. To complement the strong grip, Soft Touch beds employ metallic handles. These handles offer a smooth grip surface with a metallic shine.

Despite the size limitation, the Alina bedside table provides moderate space. If you still desire more space, then invest in the Grey Marsylia Wardrobe.

The Alina bedside table comes in 6 prominent colours that can truly complement your room. These include


The colour black is the most powerful colour of the spectrum. Unlike White, it is pretty much everywhere else. For other colours to function, they need a hint of black in them.


The colour grey is the merging of two prominent colours, black and white. Grey is also the simple cousin of Silver. Where the colour silver represents shine and glossy appeal, the colour grey is calm and quiet. Customers rely on the colour grey to enhance their home décor, mostly due because of what it stands for. It stands for intellect and sages wisdom


The colour blue is the most peaceful colour of the spectrum. The light tones are truly exquisite. Bringing the colour blue to your bedroom is not only serene, but blissful as well. The colour creates an intoxicating experience that merges tranquillity with ambience.  Blue is the sole representation as to the colour of trust.


The colour brown is the most natural colour of the spectrum. The most prominent things in which the colour brown is used is furniture and tools. The colour brown represents a reassuring and comfortable feeling. It encourages order and a sense of belonging. The colour brown creates a haven of support for your family members.


The colour of perfection is the colour white.  This colour signals new beginnings. White represents equality and unity. The colour is very prominent and is found almost in everything and anything.  White is also the colour for simplicity and immaculate choice.


The colour represents compassion, nurturing and love. The meaning of the colour is unconditional and romantic love. It also inspires the possibility of a positive outcome.

Special Offers

The Alina side table itself does incur any special savings, as it is sold as a unit. The complete Alina bedside table set is already on offer. However, if you are interested in combining the Alina Home Décor Collection with any of the various bed frames we have on sale, Call us now. We might have an offer you that is so spectacular that your wildest imagination will not be able to comprehend.

Specifications :

  • 1 drawer and open storage
  • Needs Assembly
  • Flatpack
  • Instructions Manual
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Brown and White
Black and brown


Flat Top





No of drawers


Storage type

Closed + Open Storage


High-quality chipboard

Table Top Shape



Width: 40 cm.
Depth: 39 cm.
Height: 56 cm.



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