Berlin Mirror Sliding Wardrobe 120cm wide

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Features of  Berlin Mirror Sliding Wardrobe 120 cm:

  • Full-size mirrors
  • Matte finish
  • Durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • LED Light (Optional) with a European plug
  • Customizable interior (Optional)
  • Metallic handles
  • Huge Shelves storage
  • Backside Covered
  • Affordable
  • Elegance
  • Value of Money


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The Berlin sliding mirror door wardrobe 120cm wide by soft-touch beds is an entry-level wardrobe. This wardrobe is perfect for customers who have storage issues. The simple frame with majestic details makes this wardrobe regal. The design element of the Berlin wardrobe 120 cm wide is modern as well as contemporary. The main goal of this wardrobe is to give you a storage solution that is compact as well as multi-purpose.


The frame of the Berlin wardrobe 120cm wide is of solid wood. Wood is the most common material which is useful to customers. The durability and the strength of the wardrobe are increased ten-fold because of the high-quality materials. High-quality materials are the reason many customers prefer this wardrobe. The smooth base with the exquisite interior is truly remarkable.

Why choose the Berlin wardrobe 120cm wide?

Investing in the Berlin wardrobe 120 cm wide is a beneficial option. The wardrobe in question brings key benefits which not only give you better options but also improve your daily routine. The long tiered mirrors play a critical role in your dressing up. Using the mirror, you can dress for success without worrying if the dress you are wearing will impress or not. The mirrors are also great for going to lavish parties or events.


The Sliding mirror doors play a critical role as they are responsible for providing visibility without sacrificing anything.  Swing wardrobe critical competency is that they require room to function. These sliding mirror door wardrobes do not require any space.

All wardrobes in this range come with an optional Led which can illuminate your surroundings. The light addition to the wardrobe resolves many hardships faced by customers. With a simple plug and use option, you can use the wardrobe without worrying about extensions.

Mirrors Quality Check

The seamless mirrors are crystal clear. Meaning, the quality of the mirrors is superior in every way. To make sure, our mirrors are checked by customers on arrival. This is done to make sure that the materials we deliver to our customers are top-notch. All the materials are delivered and checked by the customers. As a safety precaution, we check the mirrors before dispatching them to our customers.


The Wardrobe 120 cm wide mechanism for sliding mirrors is fairly easy. The simple track allows seamless transition of the doors. The mechanism might be a little rough on the edges at the start but eventually, with the usage of the track, it will become more responsive. Oiling the track occasionally will help improve the overall quality of the track.


The Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe 120cm wide can house up to 4 shelves and 1 hanging rail. The diagram below clearly illustrates what you can expect from the Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe.

To grip the sliding doors for the Berlin wardrobe, metallic handles are also useful. The metallic handles on the sliding doors are screwed-in, then being pasted. This way the mobility of the sliding door increases. As a safety measure, a latch is present that prevents the door from moving back and forth. This latch is a blessing as it prevents the sliding door from accidentally opening.

The Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe 120 cm wide comes with zero support legs. This means that the wardrobe 120 cm wide stands on its own. Feet underneath wardrobe are not only wrong but hazardous. The wardrobe support design follows a floor-standing design, which makes the Berlin wardrobe 120 cm very stable.

Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe comes in 3 distinct sizes which include, the colour black, white and grey. Each colour brings design aesthetics to the room.

The colour black

The black version of the wardrobe 120 cm is formal. The colour imbues mysterious and contained outlooks while providing comfort in every way possible. The colour black for the Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe is perfect for customers who want to bring something powerful and authority into their bedrooms. Self-control and discipline are key traits that the colour black follows

The colour white

The white version of the Berlin mirror sliding is a sign of perfection. The colour white represents new beginnings and is immaculate and pristine.

The colour grey

Grey for the Berlin mirror wardrobe 120 cm is the most neutral colour of the spectrum. Customers who buy the grey version of the wardrobe 120 cm are reliable. This confirmation is, since the colour grey means the colour of compromise. By looking closely at the colour, you can see the transition process of both the colour white and the colour black.

Special offers

The Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe 120 cm does come with custom options and has a matte finish. Moreover, the wardrobe is scratch resistant. The royal wingback bed bought with the Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe 120 cm will incur massive savings. Currently, the wardrobe is on sale.

Berlin Mirror Sliding Wardrobe 120cm wide includes:

  • 2 sliding mirror doors
  • 4 shelves
  • 1 hanging rail.

 Specifications of 120 cm Berlin Wardrobe:

  • Needs assembly
  • No Support Legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • 4 flatpack packaging
  • Include Instructions Manual
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Grey, White

Wardrobe Type



16 mm Laminated Chipboard


2 Sliding Mirror Doors








LED lights (Optional)

Wardrobe Backside

laminated sheet


Width 120 cm
Height 215 cm
Depth 61 cm



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