Berlin Sliding Mirror Wardrobe 180cm

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  • Full-size mirrors
  • Matte finish
  • Durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Affordable
  • Value for money
  • Soft-closing device
  • LED with EU plug
  • Customizable interior in terms of shelves
  • Metallic handles
  • Elegant
  • Three Colours
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The Berlin Sliding Mirror Wardrobe 180 cm wide is an upper-echelon wardrobe. It comes with 5 rectangular shelves that help customers easily house various items without any hassle, and it also comes with hanging rails that allows customers to hang their clothes with ease. Customers who invest in the Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe 180 cm wide have the option to select if they want the shelves on the left side or the right side. The free-standing wardrobe with a full-size mirror is what drives customers to this magnificent wardrobe. The lush design and simpler components allow customers to traverse daily chores with an enigmatic home decor item.


The carcass of the Berlin Mirror sliding wardrobe, 180 cm wide, is of solid wood. The Side profile that helps support both the shelves and the door is also of wood. Before assembling the product, customers can choose which side the shelves will be on. This option is exclusive for soft touch beds customers, as most retailers rely on keeping the shelves on the left-hand side. Metallic handles on either side help use the door with ease. We at Soft Touch beds believe that left-hand customers have the same rights as right-hand customers. The number of shelves for this wardrobe is limited and more cannot be dispatched. However, customers looking for more hanging rails can do so. The charge for the extra hanging rail would be £20.

More Space

Space is something very rare in UK households. This is because more homes are made with compact size and constricted movement. Customers who are living in rented flats or mobile homes have the same problem. That is why Soft Touch Beds Berlin wardrobes are a compact size. The dimensions that you see listed down below are approximations. However, it is suggested to keep about 10-15 cm legroom.

Customers who still think that this wardrobe won’t be able to cut it as the go-to wardrobe can always invest in our 203 cm wide Berlin Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe, which comes with 10 drawers and 4 hanging rails.


The mechanism that allows the sliding mirror door to move without any hurdles is a seamless track. The track helps keep the sliding mirror doors back and forth with a hundred per cent response time. The track might seem rough at the start, but with little oiling and simple push, it can make the sliding mirror doors for the Berlin 180 cm wardrobe be more responsive. Keep in mind, the mirrors are fragile and must be used with care.


Soft Touch beds dispatch the mirrors with extra care. For this very reason, Soft Touch Beds tasks its dispatch team to inspect the mirrors before accepting delivery. This is done to assure customers that the mirrors have no scratches and are in mint conditions. Soft Touch Beds would like to take this opportunity to inform customers that the items you purchase from us are of the highest quality. Soft Touch beds never deal in second-hand goods, nor has it ever. All items come directly from our warehouse and are properly secured by us, so only you open them.

Three natural colours

To make sure that the frame stands the tests of time, matte finish and oak wood come into play. The matte finish allows customers to choose the Berlin Sliding mirror wardrobe 180 cm wide in three beautiful colours. These include Pine Tree Black, Pomelo White and Spanish grey. These choices not only govern your personal preference, but also what each colour resonates with.

Pine Tree Black

Black is an antagonizing and mesmerizing colour. Pine Tree black is what nature defines the colour black to be. The most popular colour of the spectrum, the colour resonates with power and authority. Soft Touch beds offer colours that truly define the artistic spectrum for its customers, and pebble black does the job beautifully.

Pomelo White

White is a translucent and vague colour of the spectrum. It doesn’t show any allegiance, and any colour palette it touches makes it a lighter shade. The pomelo White is something out of an art gallery. The colours have hints of hues of both yellow and green. White is the universal colour for hope and purity. It is also the colour for fresh beginnings.

Spanish Grey

Grey is an enigmatic and trivial colour of the spectrum. It is the result of the eternal struggle between the colours white and black. Spanish grey is an ever-lasting colour, meaning its hues are spectacular. Its family includes Iron, Quicksilver, and Manatee. 


The Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe 180 cm does require assembly, and it comes in a free-standing option. This means the wardrobe will stand on its own instead of relying on weights or fragile wheels. The assembly of the Berlin Wardrobe is self-explanatory, meaning the instruction packet that arrives with the wardrobe can help customers assemble the wardrobe in minutes. As a word of reminder to keep the pouch away from children, as it comes with small items that might become a choking hazard for children.

Why are sliding wardrobes better than Swing Wardrobes?

The visibility of the Berlin sliding mirror wardrobe is 180 cm at 75 per cent. In mobility and compact design, the wardrobe always wins since it requires less legroom to open its doors. Swing wardrobes lack this distinction and require ample room to move. Another solid reason to consider a sliding wardrobe over a swing wardrobe is the cost. Soft Touch Beds employ inexpensive materials that can be a fraction of the cost entailed, whereas swing wardrobes require premium quality, expensive oak wood that needs to mould to be used.


Customers who order the Berlin sliding mirror wardrobe 180 cm wide do have the option to add LED illumination to the booking. This allows customers to light up the room and be able to browse their items while at night’s grace. Customers need to book this while placing the order for the wardrobe.

Please Note

To make sure the wardrobe arrives in time, customers are tasked to provide us with their proper location, which includes floor number and door number. Failing to do so will cause delays in your order. This is counter-productive for us, as we are in the purpose of getting the delivery to you as swiftly as we can. Please refer to the delivery map for detailed delivery routes. For any queries or issues, you can call us at 0208-004-8262, where our customer support agent will gladly help you out.

Wardrobe 180 cm includes:

  • 2 sliding doors
  • 5 shelves
  • 2 hanging rails

Specifications :

  • Need Assembly
  • Free-standing
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flatpack packaging
  • Instructional manual
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Grey, White, Walnut, Wenge

Wardrobe Type



16 mm laminated chipboard


2 Sliding Mirror Doors






Matte-finished wardrobe


LED lights (Optional)

Wardrobe backside

Covered with a laminated sheet


Width 180 cm
Height 215 cm
Depth 61 cm



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