Shannon 2 and 3 Seater Sofa Set

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Features of Shannon 2 and 3 Seater Sofa Set:

  • Foam cover seating cushions with zippers
  • faux leather upholstery
  • Reliable chrome legs
  • Delivered with scatter cushions
  • Thick fibre-filled seating
  • Chrome Feet and Solid Frame.
  • Made up of high-quality chipboard.
  • Accessible with softback Cushion Covers
  • Foam and Spring seating type
  • Curved arm style


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Shannon 2 and 3 Seater Sofa Set is the viable option to fulfil your home decor needs. The Shannon 3 2 Seaters sofa uses low-density fibreboard and Chenille fabric. This Sofa will give you comfortable seating for decades. Currently, the sofa is available in four varieties, i: e Brown, Beige, Black, and Grey. The Shannon Sofa is perfect for customers who want to bring subtlety and posh design to their living spaces. With chrome legs and comfortable cushions, this sofa could be the sparkle that you require. Soft Touch beds offer a selection of home decor items that are not only affordable, but presentable as well.

Serpentine Springs

The Shannon Sofa uses serpentine springs. These metallic zigzag-springs benefit with ample support. These springs cohesively run side by side from the back to the armrest. The main purpose is to provide comfort without sacrificing quality. Moreover, these coils deal with extreme pressure. The mechanism allows serpentine springs to work in tandem with the fabric in question. The moment the coils sense pressure, they exert the forces downwards and in return offer comfort. This process directly correlates with what Isaac Newton once suggestion “for every action there is an equal and reaction”.

Chenille Fabric

The Shannon 3 and 2 seaters sofa uses chenille fabric. The French call this fabric the caterpillar. It provides softness and durability like no other. However, the fabric’s key benefit is that it’s great for hiding dirt. However, it is very vulnerable to pets. Chenille is a form of cotton and not a microfiber, which is a blend of polyester and nylon fibre.


The Shannon Sofa uses natural leather. As you know, This form of leather is much safer for the environment and makes the product more beneficial, in terms of the fabric’s long life. So, leather is an expensive ordeal. That is why Soft Touch Beds offers and uses materials that are affordable and inexpensive. Bringing a vegan way of life to home decor items is what separates us from the rest of the crowd. We value our customers and offer products that bring a positive change. The sofa clearly does that and more.

UK Fire and Safety Compliance

The materials in the Shannon 3 2 seater sofa meet UK Fire Safety Compliance. This means the materials in question are up to the mark and offer protection from various hazards.

Why High-Density Foam?

The Shannon Sofa uses cell-based foams. Every foam density signifies its quality and durability. Using High-Density Foam brings 3 key benefits:

• Longevity

Despite that, Soft-touch Beds products come with low-profile foam that requires less air to function. This is the sole reason our products last longer. The longevity is off the scale. To make sure the Shannon sofa remains charming, please refer to the cleaning portion down below.

• Quality

The Shannon Sofa uses high-density foams which is firmly present in almost every space. This allows our sofa to retain its shape and structure after each seating. This innovation is what makes the Shannon sofa popular among our customers.

• Comfort

Relying on High-Density foam, the Shannon sofa employs a high level of comfort. 

However, research has shown that furniture that relies on High-Density foam is the best for REM sleep. The human body cherishes comfort. The design element for the sofa is elegant. The curves in our sofa allow flexibility, which is a key benefit. Moreover, the pressure points in our sofa are beneficial for people suffering from back pain issues. Customers who invest in this sofa tend to do so, on the terms that they want something spectacular for their living room spaces. For this sole purpose, Soft Touch beds commit themselves to offer home decor items that are not only comfortable, but affordable as well.

Chrome Legs

The Shannon corner Sofa features stylish chrome legs to blend perfectly with fabric and faux leather upholstery. Additionally, angled chrome legs are contemporary, low profile and bring a posh look to the Shannon Sofa. The reflective quality of chrome legs makes this sofa eye-catching, especially when it comes to clean-lines and modern furnishings.

Shannon sofa chrome legs

Visually Majestic

Therefore, a traditional design featuring curved arms, scattered cushions and chrome legs gives a Shannon Sofa a timeless look. It is rather beautiful and features some subtle elements that amplify its rich appearance. Thus, this masterpiece comes with foam for medium firmness, upholstery with genuine, top-grain fabric and faux leather in versatile shades. 

Visually Majestic

Scattered cushions

The Shannon Sofa features scatter cushions to complete its traditional styling. Soft seating encases the high resilience foam for a soft initial feel and supportive sensation. The inside cushions are with luxurious blown-in fibre similar to a bed pillow’s insert, creating full and soft support.

Scattered cushions

Easy to Cleaning

However, cleaning the sofa is always the hardest chore. And Cleaning this sofa is somewhat fairly simple. To make sure that the sofa retains its composure and brings a sense of serenity, customers must rely on a soft cloth and a handy vacuum cleaner. For nominal dust, a soft cloth comes into play whereas, for monumental cleaning recourse, a vacuum cleaner does the job in a jiffy.

Specifications :

  • Partially assembled
  • Only legs require assembly
  • Arrives in 3 pieces
  • Low back sofa
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black & Grey, Brown & Beige

Arm Style

Curved arms

Sofa Type

Contemporary Style Sofa


Faux Leather and Chenille fabric


Chrome + Plastic legs

Seat Type

Fibre Filled Seating

Cushion Filling

High-Quality Fibre

Sofa Size & Capacity

2 seaters, 3 seaters, 2+3 seater, 2+3+2 seater, 3+3 seater, 3+3+2 seater sofa

Scattered cushions

Cushions with zippers (Included)


Ottoman storage movable footstool (Optional)


3 Seater- Width: 190 cm; Height: 85 cm; Depth: 90 cm.
2 Seater- Width: 170 cm; Height: 85 cm; Depth: 90 cm.



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