Dino Right Hand Corner Sofa – Black and Grey

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  • Affordable
  • Posh
  • Value for Money
  • Traditional Designs
  • Scatter Cushions with Zippers
  • Foam
  • Brand New
  • Able to seat up to 6 people
  • Neutral colour
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Soft Touch Beds dino right-hand corner sofa is remarkable home decor. The fabric sofa comes with a sleek design and smooth aesthetics. The sofa frame is of solid wood, high-quality and versatile finishing’s. The sofa takes inspiration from Italian culture and design. For this specific reason, the sofa alias is “Dino.” This Italian name sparks finesse and agility.

The right-hand corner sofa is one of 2 sets we sell separately. This is specifically for people who have one corner in their living space. We believe it is an excellent choice for any customers who are tired of the odd design and are looking for something superb in their price range. Many customers who have bought this sofa feel that this is the best iteration of home design decor in a long time.

Structure of Right Hand Corner Sofa:

As previously mentioned above, the frame of the Right-hand corner sofa is of high quality. The cohesion of both the padded foam base and the spring present underneath the base, amount to better comfort and relax seating. The inner workings of the sofa are quite elaborate, simple, and deliberate. Picture this, as soon as the customer sits on the Right-hand corner sofa, the exerted force creates a cushion that allows the seater to experience comfort on the behest of the spring base pushing back the force pressured.


Like the fabric sofa’s counterpart, the right-hand corner sofa is perfection at its finest. Every time we glance at the Dino fabric sofa, it reminds us of the Nardo Ring test track. The smooth and meticulous design is a carbon copy of the test track. The colours signify how Italy’s culture truly is classic at every level.


The right-hand corner sofa is easy to assemble. This is because of the simpler components found inside the sofa. The sofa comes in 3 pieces. These pieces are easy to put together. It will hardly take you 30-45 mins depending on your proficiency. We would like to inform our new and loyal customers that all materials that we reply upon are of the highest quality and meet UK standards. We make sure all our items pass strenuous safety checks. And the items we sell are in no way or form used or second-grade items. All items that are delivered by our dispatch team are New.


This means that we consider selling a used item as an atrocity. To combat, all items dispatched by us are sealed on site. We make sure that when the items arrive for you, they are in immaculate condition. Moreover, all items come with flat packaging wrapped with seals that are to be open by the customer. We would also like to inform our customers to check the items before accepting delivery. If you feel the item does not meet your standard, do not accept delivery and contact us as soon as possible. If you are unable to inspect an item, please inform us.

Grey and Black Right Hand Corner Sofa:

The right-hand corner sofa comes in a back and grey colour design. Many customers know that in the colour spectrum, the colour black is the king of the spectrum. It signifies grandness and sophistication, whereas the colour grey, which is 75% covered in the sofa, signals wisdom and balance. These two colours are truly right for each other. The heavy grey with the simple jet black faux upholstery is purely desiring.

Complimentary items:

A footstool accompanies the sofa. This footstool is of ottoman design, meaning it can store all your common and uncommon items. The footstool has enough space to do this job and can move without any hindrance. However, the footstool is not a toy and must not be used as such, it does have the strength to hold and store inanimate objects but does not have the strength to hold humans. The sofa also comes with scatter cushions and chrome legs. A pair of scatter cushions arrive with the sofa.

Please check with the customer rep before the delivery of goods. The undue hassle of going back and forth is very counterproductive. The sofa also comes with complimentary chrome legs, which are cosmetic and provide a glossy look to the right-hand corner sofa.

Jumbo cord Fabric Sofa:

The fabric which engulfs our right-hand corner sofa is the jumbo cord. You might have known it as corduroy. The intimate fabric is highly water-resistant and provides a comfortable feel. This cotton-like fabric provides the highest levels of comfort without sacrificing anything. Moreover, the sofa fabric is meticulously resistant to water, stains, and dirt. This does not in any way mean that you can drop a glass of Chardonnay and the sofa will not leave a spot. It will leave the spot and your ability to mitigate it if you properly do not adhere to the cleaning instruction listed below.

Simplicity in cleaning

Cleaning this right-hand corner sofa is as simple as tying a bow. All you need is a simple wet cloth with a fabric cleaner. Use that if spills, if any.

For active signs of fresh spills, use it as a sponge to clean it. For dust, use a vacuum cleaner.
To freshen the sofa, the fabric can be machine-washed. Please check the fabric inlet for clearer instructions.



Corner: Width: 249 cm; Depth: 60 cm; Height: 81 cm;

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