Dino Left Hand Corner Sofa – Black and Grey

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Black & Grey Dino Left-hand Corner Sofa by Soft Touch Beds is superlative. This high-class home decor is something every customer desires. The frame of the sofa set looks and feels exemplary. Those curved armrests are breathtaking. The Sofa set comes with a footstool. This unit doubles down as an ottoman storage space. This allows you to store family albums or other items that are good for gatherings. The Left-hand corner sofa is codenamed “DINO” for its luxurious design, and homage to the most amazing supercar in the world.

The frame of Dino Left-hand Corner Sofa:

The frame of the Left-hand corner sofa set consists of high-quality solid wood and smooth fabric. The design aesthetics truly bring the look of the sofa set to be very modern and posh. The frame is a marriage of the springs and the padded base. This whole relationship between the spring and the padded foam is on compromise. The soft foam padding allows the springs to withstand extreme pressure, in return, the force results in an increase in comfort without sacrificing anything.


Comfort is something this Left-hand corner sofa set excels in. The low backrest, padded foams, pressure points, smooth fabric are just a few things this sofa set brings. This sofa set is perfect for customers who are suffering from lumbar support or chronic back pains. 


The assembly of the Left-hand corner sofa is rather simple. All the items come as 3 items. A clear instructional packet shows how to combine them. It is as easy as playing with blocks. The assembly takes around 30-45 mins. This depends on space and placement requirements.


The chrome legs are placed in the end, this way the sofa set avoid scratching the surface as the legs are very delicate. The Left-hand corner sofa also comes with softback cushion covers and scatter cushions. The design of the scatter cushion is the same one found on the armrest. Keep in mind, all cushions come with zippers for smooth cleaning and reshuffling.

Simpler Cleaning

Cleaning is not that hard, but the process must be followed to the letter. In the first step, clean the sides and use a vacuum cleaner. The second step revolves around cleaning any spots or stains using a wet cloth or sponge. The final step is to machine wash the fabric. Keep in mind the fabric is water-resistant, so you need a specific fabric cleaner to do the task. Dry them out and reapply the fabric to the frame.

Jumbo Cord Fabric Sofa

If you wonder what fabric we employ for this Left-hand corner sofa. It’s the jumbo cord. The jumbo cord is highly resistant and has foamy fabric. The fabric comes with water, dirt, and stain resistance. You need to use a special fabric detergent as suggested above to clean the fabric. The benefits of having this fabric surpass everything we hope for. Such as strength and durability. These two traits come to life due to the cotton-like texture that is present in the texture. Cotton by far is the softest fabric in the market today. Moreover, the maintenance to keep the fabric is much less than having any other fabric sofa.


The Left-hand corner sofa comes in 5 other varieties, but this one is the best one out of the 6. The capacity of the sofa set depends on the people you have for the gathering and events. The maximum the sofa set can support is up to 5 people comfortably. The Sofa set comes with a footstool, scatter cushions, chrome legs, softback covers and rubberwood legs. These attachments all come as standard, and you don’t have to pay any extra or other charges.

Public Service Announcement

Now, we take the opportunity to inform our new as well loyal customers that all materials in our products are of high quality. We in no form or shape or size use, rely upon, trace or even sell used or second-grade items. It is the company policy as well our business nature to give the customer the best experience possible. This means that all the products that we dispatch to you are new and to ensure complete compliance our dispatch team use a special kind of packaging solution that seals the product. Our vision resolves on building relationships and creating synergy.

Black and Grey 

The colour of the fabric is black and grey. Black faux leather upholstery with grey jumbo cord fabric brings a one-of-a-kind experience that is mesmerizing and retro. For many, the colour black represents sophistication and bring attention to it. This colour does that and more, whereas the colour grey is wisdom reaching new heights. Most skyscrapers in the world are of grey colour, it is not that they can’t use other colours. It is mostly that from a distance, it looks beautiful.



Corner: Width: 249 cm; Depth: 60 cm; Height: 81 cm;


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