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Sofa Sets

As we move towards the 22nd century, the innovation to make furniture is drastically changing. Research has shown that wooden furniture has its presence and design. Wood in whatever shape or form will not be replaced by any other material in the market. This is because wood is popular and common for many customers. Almost All our sofa sets come with a solid wooden frame. Soft Touch Beds offers a complete range of Sofa Sets that are affordable as well as value-for-money.

Firm and Durable

Sofa sets by Soft Touch Beds are not only durable but strong as well. All our sofa sets offer key resistance from termites & fungus. That is why durability is off the scale. The solid wood construction helps keep the sofa in shape and soft fabric helps in retaining its original shape after multiple seating. Moreover, the sofa set offers comfort above anything else.

Attractive & Versatile

All sofas are of amazing design. What matters the most for customers is the price and the value it brings. All the Sofa you see in the Soft Touch Beds collection use natural elements. In no way, we employ artificial materials. Synthetic materials are not only dangerous, but also are harmful to the human body. Why invest in something that might become a hazard? For that reason, all the items come for your benefit.

From a versatile point of view, all sofas sets by Soft touch beds offer back support, this means a customer suffering from chronic pains can use this to ease his/her suffering.

Simple Care

All sofa sets are easy to clean and require simple cleaning. Using a dry cloth, customers can freshen up their home décor items in no time. Periodic cleaning is the way to go. All sofa sets come with materials that are moisture resistant. This means that any dampness and humidity will not cause any problems.

Perfect Fit

Sofa Sets By Soft-touch Beds are the perfect answer to any environment. Whether it is outdoor, indoor, office or home. The area around the home décor items will bring the whole environment into something truly amazing.

2-Seater Sofa

A remarkable choice for smaller UK households. These sofas are ideal for providing the same level of comfort as a larger sofa is. Soft Touch beds offer the 2 seater variety in Dino, Verona, and Shannon varieties.

3-seater Sofa

An ideal choice for customers looking for an enigmatic sofa for their living spaces. Almost all three-seater sofas come with two large base cushions. The seating capacity for this kind of sofa is three people. Soft Touch Beds offers the 3-seater variety in Verona, Florence, and Shannon Sofa Sets.

The image below shows how to measure Corner sofas and how dimensions correlate in Sofa Description. These images are thanks to Pinterest. All rights reserved. 
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