203cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe

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Features of 203 cm Berlin Wardrobe:

  • Full-sized mirrors
  • Matte finish
  • Durable and scratch-resistant
  • Soft-closing device
  • LED Light (Optional) with a European plug
  • Interior by Default
  • Metallic handles
  • Huge Shelves storage
  • Backside panel
  • Affordable
  • Functional
  • Elegant


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The 203cm Berlin sliding mirror door wardrobe is the perfect answer to a complete storage solution. The wardrobe caters to all your needs. The design element and simple function makes the wardrobe eccentric in every way possible. Unlike the swing wardrobes, the Berlin 203 sliding mirror door wardrobe brings maximum visibility and saves space. Wardrobes are significant for customers who are looking to convert wasted space into something useful.

Are Wardrobes essential?

Yes, Wardrobes are essential, they are a better alternative to a closet as they lack the space and offer only one purpose whereas Soft Touch Beds 203 cm Berlin Sliding mirror door Wardrobe offers multiple features that other alternatives lack.

Are Wardrobes and the closet the same?

The wardrobe and closet have the same concept, but they are not the same. Instead, Wardrobes offer better features and mobility, whereas closets have zero mobility and are mostly dull.

Are Wardrobes expensive?

That depends on what your budget is. Soft Touch Beds offer wardrobes that are not only affordable, but desirable. The design element of the wardrobe matches with modern aesthetics and uses traditional techniques to bring you a product that is perfect for you. 

Where to buy wardrobes?

Soft Touch beds are the best place to buy wardrobes. We offer designs that tailor to your needs and wants. Affordable, Simple and multitask able.


The framing of the 203 cm Berlin sliding mirror wardrobe is simple. This means that the wardrobe is more than meets the eye. Epoxy resin and chipboard play a pivotal role in making the wardrobe frame firm and sturdy. Solid wood is the perfect material for this kind of wardrobe, as it has the habit of making them long-lasting eventually. The Berlin sliding mirror wardrobe also comes with an exquisite back panel.

The function is crucial for customers who are looking to invest in wardrobes. The 203 cm Berlin mirror sliding wardrobe not only excels in that, but also brings flexibility as well. The sliding mirror doors are the main reason why this wardrobe is so popular. The doors add function by improving the overall visibility of the wardrobe. At the same time, it decreases the space needed to open its doors, which is zero. Unlike the swing wardrobe that requires enough room for its doors to open, this wardrobe does not have that drawback.


The mechanism for the 203 Berlin sliding mirror door wardrobe is seamless. This means that the door of the wardrobe is with precision and without any noise. The silence to noise ratio is at 0db. At first, the track might seem rough; that is the case for most new items with mechanical parts. However, the doors for the Berlin sliding mirror door wardrobe will be more responsive to your actions over time. To make sure the grip of the perfect in every sense, metallic hands play the role in doing just that. The materials for the handle are perfect and offer a strong grip.


In terms of space, the 203 Berlin sliding mirror door wardrobe is the ultimate answer to customers looking for something grand for their bedrooms. The wardrobe houses more than 10 shelves that include 8 main shelves that have 4 hanging rails on their side. The top side comes with 2 rectangular shaped shelves. All this spacing is by default and comes as standard. The shelves allow customers to store essential and non-essential items without any worry. Keep in mind that if you require extra hanging rails, the planks for shelves are limited to the wardrobe in question.

The 203 Berlin sliding mirror door wardrobe comes in 3 distinctive colours that bring elegance to your bedroom. The colours are neutral and compatible with any interior that you might have.


The colour black represents certainty and authority. It symbolizes the eternal struggle between day and night. The colour black emphasizes is on sophistication, power, and mystery. If elegance was ever, a colour, Black would be the perfect candidate. Black is the colour for unknown reasons. For example, the part of the brain which houses your memories and dreams always shows in the colour back whenever you do an MRI scan.


The colour grey is ambitious and impartial. Grey is a moody colour of the spectrum, but on the other hand, it is calm. It brings balance between both the colour white and the colour black. The ongoing struggle resulted in the birth of the colour grey. Interior designers consider the colour to be diplomatic in every way possible. In terms of the colour silver, grey brings seriousness to the room.


For countless generations, the colour white is the most mysterious colour. For some, the colour suggests purity and hope and for some, it shows signs of unity and new beginnings. White is highly illuminative, which means it is by far the brightest colour in the spectrum. Customers who prefer this colour for their home décor items want to bring a sense of clean living to their bedrooms. Japanese consider the colour white as a blessed colour. For them, it represents purity and clean spaces. By far, the colour is ethereal.

Special Offer

Booking the 203 cm Berlin sliding mirror wardrobes entails customers avail the special offers. The offer enables you to add a pair of LED lights to your order. LEDs bring illumination to your room. Just like the colour, white brightens the room with its tone and hue. The LED does the same, it brightens your prospects. The LED comes in the European plug and is positioned in this way that its focus will be on the wardrobe and you.

Wardrobe Includes:

  • 2 sliding doors
  • 10 shelves
  • 4 hanging rails

Specifications of 203cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe:

  • Need Assembly
  • Easy to assemble
  • Arrives in flatpack packaging
  • Equipment pouch
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Grey, White

Wardrobe Type



Solid Wood










LED lights (Optional)

Wardrobe backside



Width 203 cm
Height 215 cm
Depth 61 cm



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