Alina Bedroom Set

Original price was: £299.00.Current price is: £219.00.

Features of Alina Bedroom Furniture Set:

  • Matte Finish
  • Metallic Handles
  • Metallic Runners
  • Easy self-assembly
  • High-Quality
  • Exquisite
  • Strong Latches
  • Smooth surface

2-Door Wardrobe Features

  • Single high hanging rail, perfect for long dresses
  • The top shelf provides extra storage



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Soft Touch Beds Alina Bedroom set is the better option when it comes to high-quality home décor items. The Alina bedroom furniture set is perfect for customers who are looking for items for their bedroom. The bed set comes with a standard two-door wardrobe, a chest of drawers and a single bedside table. The 2 door wardrobe comes with swinging doors and hanging rails as a standard. The bedroom set does come with one bedside table. However, customers can add another bedside table to turn it into a complete set. 


The frame of the Alina Bedroom Set is of solid wood. This means that materials are of high quality and customers investing in this product need not worry about the quality of the product. The assembly of the items is straightforward. The equipment pouch and instructions clearly instruct how they can assemble the items in no time. The Alina two-door wardrobe comes with latches that allow the wardrobe to move in a swing motion. Six latches in total come with the wardrobe, with each door having three latches. The visibility of the wardrobe is a hundred per cent.


The two-door wardrobe for the Alina Bedroom Set comes with metallic handles for firmer grip. At the start, the door might be rough but with use eventually, the door will be more responsive. This exquisite bedroom set also comes with a stack of drawers. The motion for these drawers is also very eloquent. Using bracket tracks, the drawers move seamlessly. All drawers come with metallic handles for firmer grips. Four drawers come with a stack of drawers.

Bedside Table

Lastly, the bedroom set also comes with a bedside table. Soft Touch Beds also gives the option to add another bedside table if customers are interested. Only one bedside table comes with the bedroom set as per standard. The bedside table comes with a drawer and room for keeping items. The bedroom set is an expansion for customers looking to add décor into their elegant bedrooms. All items in the Alina bedroom set are of a matte finish. This treatment is inexpensive, which helps resurrect the whole bedroom and create an ambience of calmness.


Currently, the price for the Alina bedroom Set is £219, whereas buying all the items separately will entail the cost of £300. That is more than £80 saved on this order alone. The set comes in 9 distinct colours that bring your bedroom to new home décor heights.


Black is a powerful colour and entity. The colour breathers formality and exudes authority. It also brings a sense of security. For many customers, the colour black symbolizes protection.


White is the colour of purity and innocence. The greatest colour of spectrum associates themselves with cleanliness and simplicity. Customers who prefer this colour are destined to bring perfection into their rooms. The colour white can refresh.


Oak trees are native to England and have more than 600 varieties. They’re famous for growing thick branches. However, the growth period is three centuries.

Pine Wood

Just like oak trees, pine trees are also native to England. They grow tall and narrow. The growth of the pine trees is clocked at one century. In terms of budget, pinewood is a better alternative to oak, whereas oak wood is long-lasting.


In comparison to pine wood, oak wood is naturally long-lasting. This doesn’t reflect that pine wood is not a good choice instead of an inexpensive alternative. Pine is extremely sturdier than oak wood.


Customers who have no issues regarding the cost that pine wood is to go for


Why choose Walnut?

Walnut is the most sought item after wood and is preceded by oak. Customers prefer walnut because of the luxurious feel that is perfect for modern interiors & exteriors. In contrast to oak, walnut has a much softer & smoother texture. Moreover, it is shock and decay-resistant. Walnut is elegance reimagined. It brings sophisticated tones with black hues.


Grey is the colour of intellect and wisdom. It is a long-lasting and classic colour. It has shades of black which help personify its authority nature. With hues of white, grey brings balance to the spectrum. Customers prefer this colour for neutral aesthetics & as a background colour.


Blue is considered to be the most popular colour choice in the market. The colour Blue personifies trust & confidence. It has equal gender appeal, and owls are the only birds that can see the colour blue. 


Pink is the colour of sensitivity and compassion. It is famous for motivating action, friendliness and encourages creativity. Pink comes from the mixture of red with the colour white.


Red is the colour of passion and energy. The colour red is attention seek and radiates action and strength. Customers who prefer this colour are passionate and cautious.

Special offers

The Alina bedroom set is already on offer. It is much cheaper than any other alternatives in the market. 

While booking this order, we humbly request customers to provide exact details. This also includes your door number and floor number. Failing to provide the exact details will incur delays in your order. For us, that is counter-productive, and we try to refrain from it. Please refer to the delivery map for delivery times. Keep in mind, your order might be delivered before the allotted time.

For any queries and suggestions, contact us at 0208-004-8262

Specifications of Alina Bedroom Set:

  • Must be assembled
  • Comes in Flatpack packaging
  • Includes Instructions Manual
  • Without any support legs
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • 2-door wardrobes with top shelf and hanging rail
  • 4 drawer chests
  • 1 drawer bedside

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Full Black, Black & Walnut, Full White, White & Walnut, Full Walnut






High-Quality Chipboard


Matte-finished wardrobe

Wardrobe Type


Size & Capacity

3 Piece Set (2 door wardrobe, bedside table & 4 chests of drawers)


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