150cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe

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  • Full-sized mirrors
  • Matte finish
  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Soft-closing doors
  • LED (Optional) with a European plug
  • Hanging Rails
  • Interior by Default
  • Metallic graspers
  • Shelves
  • Backside Covered
  • High Function
Express Delivery All Over UK
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The 150cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe is the perfect option for customers who are looking for a spacious wardrobe. The design element for the wardrobe is simple and elegant. Part of the sliding wardrobe collection, the 150 cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe is truly spectacular. Solid wood and anti-scratch full-size mirrors play a critical role. Soft Touch beds offer extra hanging rails for customers who want to expand their wardrobe at no extra cost. However, the shelves can’t be increased more than the standard that arrives at your location.

More Space?

In comparison to the 120cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe, the 150cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe has better spacing capacity. The wardrobe is much larger and comes with aesthetic designs. This wardrobe comes in three distinct colours. The merging of modern techniques with contemporary furnishing helps brings our range of wardrobes to life in your bedroom.


The wardrobe comes in three distinct colours that bring your room to new heights. The 150cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe is of solid wood and for customers, this means that materials inside the wardrobe are highly durable. This wardrobe is next in line in regard to the 120cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe.

What’s inside the box?

The wardrobe in question brings a spacious look and feel to your living spaces. For customers looking for more space than what a normal wardrobe offers, the wardrobe is the answer. It can accommodate upwards of 6 shelves that include 2 top shelves as well. The wardrobe comes with complimentary hanging rails. This attachment is useful for customers who want to hang their clothes without much of a hassle. Soft Touch Beds offer an extra hanging rail if the customer desires. However, the shelf count is maximum as this is the amount that arrives with the wardrobes. We would like to apologize that customers cannot ask for more shelf planks, as this is the maximum amount per wardrobe. Customers who are interested in more space can always order the 203cm Berlin Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe.

Mirror, Mirror on the wardrobe?

The wardrobe comes with anti-scratch full facing mirrors. As a safety precaution, Soft Touch Beds offer customers to check the mirror before accepting the order. This is exclusive to our mirror wardrobes, and our customers can rest assured that the sliding mirror doors come in pristine quality. This quality check option is something that other retailers slack off as they are more interested in sales than customer satisfaction. Glass and mirrors are very fragile items, for that reason, we task our dispatch teams to make sure to get the items checked by the customers.


To make sure the door of the mirror sliding door wardrobe runs flawlessly, an aluminium track comes into play. This track allows the door to slide across without any hassles. In the beginning, the door mobility might be rough, but with time the sliding mirror door of the Berlin wardrobe will be more responsive. Metallic handles come into play when customers slide mirror doors across. These shiny graspers help customers easily grip without losing any worth. 

Do more with less.

The 150cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe is perfect for customers who have wasted space or want a compact storage solution. Most retailers try to force customers into investing in costlier beds, whereas Soft-touch Beds offer solutions that matter to your heart and your desire. They invest in something that requires more than two-room space, whereas the wardrobe can get the job done in less than half. The wardrobe comes in a matte finish which is breath-taking awesome. To make sure that the lamination is top-notch, vibrant colours come in a mix.  The wardrobe comes in three purely amazing colours, these include:


The 150cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe in colour black is pure work of art. The matte finish lamination with the black colour makes it a powerful home décor. The silver handles with the shine from the mirror creates a very breathable experience. Black by far is the most possessive colour of the spectrum, and the only colour which has zero light viscosity. Egyptians believe that the colour black was the colour of protection and fertility.


Like black, white is also a colour without a hue. This means it is as possessive as black, but with hints of light tones. The colour white was the first colour that an artist used to create a canvas. White is the polar opposite of the colour black. The colour signals purity and hope. Customers who invest in 150cm Berlin Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe in white can bring new beginnings to their bedrooms


Grey is the colour that shows what the outcome would be if the colour black won the eternal struggle. This is the result. The colour grey is versatile in every form and stands the test of time. Grey is the best companion to a wide array of colours. Customers prefer this colour more as it is famous for creating a merge of contemporary design and a sophisticated feel. By combining the colour grey with blue will give customers a tranquil feel.


The wardrobe also comes with an optional LED. This attachment helps customers browse their storage at night with everlasting illumination. The LED comes with a European plug, meaning it can accommodate any British electric socket without any issues.

It includes:

  • 2 sliding doors
  • 6 shelves
  • 2 hanging rails

Specifications :

  • Needs Assembly
  • No Support Legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Flatpack Packaging
  • Includes Instructions Manual
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, Grey, White

Wardrobe Type



Solid Wood


2 Sliding Mirrors


Adjustable Shelves







Wardrobe backside

Covered with a laminated sheet


Width 150 cm
Height 215 cm
Depth 61 cm



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