Super King Divan Bed Frame with Optional mattress

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Features of Super King Divan Bed:

  • Affordable.
  • Enormous
  • Solid Base
  • Six Feet
  • High-Quality finish
  • Reinforce Option
  • 3 vibrant colours
  • Cheaper
  • Perfect for customers who are on a tight budget.
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The 6ft Super King Divan Bed Is a one-of-a-kind bed by Soft Touch Bed. The size of the bed is unmatched in scale. The size is available for delivery and doesn’t require any pre-booking. However, options such as the majestic headboard and the spacious drawers need to be pre-booked as they don’t come as standard. These options add glamour and a sense of elegance to your bedroom. Moreover, Soft Touch Beds offers a reinforcement option that gradually increases the firmness of the bed.


The frame of 6ft Super king is of solid wood. Working in-cohesively with stainless-steel components increase the overall durability of the frame. The 6ft Super king divan beds can muster extreme pressure with prejudice. The solid slats play a critical role in reinforcing the bed and strengthening the frame. Eventually, with use, the frame will be able to last longer than you can imagine.


Whenever the sleeper exerts pressure on the solid slats, he/she experiences comfort and in return, the frame can mitigate force. Moreover, the solid slats are in variable spacing, so air can pass through. The air passes and enters the air vents in the mattress that can keep the mattress in cooler form. This design helps keep the mattress in prime position, and you experience a comfortable sleep. The give and take process is what drives everything and anything.

Divan Bed Assembly

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is a Divan Bed Better?

A: To say the divan bed is better than the rest bed types is immature. The divan bed is better regarding price and durability. It offers all the options that you will find in a £500 bed.

Q: Why choose a divan bed?

A: Investing in the Soft Touch Bed’s 6 Ft Super King Divan Bed because it is cheaper and offers better options than the rest. It also comes with the reinforce option, which is exclusive to this bed.

Q: What is the reinforcement option?

A: Wooden is a delicate material. It has its limitations. To make sure, the frame stands the test of time, chrome legs are installed that are responsible for reinforcing the frame. This makes the bed frame quality increase ten-fold.

Q: What is a divan bed set?

A: A divan set includes a divan base, a headboard, drawers, and a mattress. The whole cost of the bed set is much cheaper in terms of buying items separately.

Q: Where to buy a Divan bed?

A: Soft Touch Bed is the best place where you can choose a divan bed.

Q: How to put Divan Bed together with ease?

A: The assembly of a 6ft super king divan bed is easy at best. The diagram/image below clearly shows how you can get the bed ready for use in no time. An equipment pouch does arrive with the bed frame.

Q: How to stop the Divan bed from moving?

A: The 6ft Super king Divan bed comes with wheels as standard. By adding the reinforce option, you can stop the irregular moving dead in its tracks using the chrome legs. These aesthetic pieces reinforce the bed once and for all.

Q: Is the Divan bed good?

A: It depends on what you prefer as good. Customers who previously bought this beauty comment that the bed does more than you can imagine. Affordability and customer satisfaction are key indicators for this divan bed.

Q: Does the divan bed come without a mattress?

A: Yes, the 6ft super king divan bed does come without a mattress. However, why take the hassle of ordering from a separate seller? By ordering through us, you can avail yourself of discounts. This will save time and money. Moreover, you get to sleep in a comfortable bed instead of waiting.

Q: What comes with the Divan Bed when I order?

A: The bed frame comes when you order, if you have pre-booked the options they arrive as well. The bed frame comes in 2 packages, whereas if you order the 6ft super king divan bed set then 4 packages come.

Q: What kind of packaging do the goods arrive in?

A: All items come in flat-pack packaging.


The fabric of the 6ft Super King divan bed is of plain material. It provides the necessary smoothness to the whole bed. The fabric upholstery offers resistance to dust and dirt. However, stains are a different ball game. Customers who accidentally spills liquid on the fabric are advised to use a wet sponge to douse the stain. At the same time, if the stain dissipates, use a dry cloth. A vacuum cleaner comes in handy.


The 6ft super king divan bed comes in 3 colours that bring glamour to your bed set. These include


The colour black represents power over authority. It shows the eternal struggle between the colours white. The colour black for the 6ft super king divan bed is truly mystical in every form and sense. Black is famous for defining the unknown. All you see is the colour black whenever you close your eyes. For many cultures, the colour black embodies power and control.


The colour grey is neutral to the core. For some customers, the colour grey is very moody. This colour happens when the eternal struggle of the colour black and white reaches a break-even point. That break-even point gives birth to the colour grey. Unlike silver, grey is the “mind of my own business” colour. It does not come with the shine, but it can easily be adaptable to various interiors.


The colour white by far is the best colour for the 6ft super king divan bed. White signals purity and new starts. Customers who invest in the colour white do it because they want to bring a sense of cleanliness to their bedrooms. White is currently present all around us. The text we write on the canvas is also in the colour white.

Special Offers

By ordering the 6ft super king divan bed and mattress, customers like yourself entail savings. Instead of waiting for the mattress to arrive, Soft Touch offers a better outcome when you buy the 6ft super king divan bed and also pre-order the mattress. So, when the bed frame arrives, also comes the mattress. This saves you the time, money and hassle that you might be facing when looking for a bed.

Please Note:

To make sure that the bed frame arrives at your exact location, please provide your exact location details when confirming the order. This means that you should provide your door number and your floor number. Failing to do so will result in a delay in your delivery order. By providing all the necessary details, you can get your order to arrive ahead of the time mentioned. Please refer to the

Specification for :

  • Six Feet
  • Platform top
  • Solid Slat Base
  • Soft finish
  • Variety
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • Mattress
  • Headboard
  • Drawers
  • Reinforce



  • A Headboard Height: 50.8 cm
  • B Base Height:
  1. With drawers: 58.4 cm
  2. Without drawers: 53.3 cm

Super King Bed Frame:

  • C– Length: (200 cm)
  • D– Width: (180 cm)

Super King Mattress Size: (180 cm x 200 cm)


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds






Plain Fabric Upholstery


Plain fabric Optional

Compatible Mattress Size

Standard Super King Size


2 drawers foot-end.
2 drawers head-end.
4 drawers.
All inside the base

Suitable Mattress Type

Coil, Pocket Sprung.




Two Sleepers


Headboard Height:  137cm
Base Height:  39cm
Width:  197-200cm
Divan Length:  197-200cm
Internal Storage Depth:  24cm

Mattress Required: 6ft Super King size


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