Marsylia Grey Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe


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Features of Marsylia Grey Wardrobe:

  • Matte finish wardrobe
  • Two size variants
  • One mirrored door
  • Soft-closing device
  • LED Light (included)
  • Customizable interior (Optional)
  • Interior by Default
  • Huge Shelves storage
  • Stylish metal handles, metal runners and hinges.
  • Classic neutral colour to suit all decors
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Soft Touch beds Marsylia Grey Mirror Sliding Door Wardrobe is a masterpiece. The wardrobe is unique in every instance. The lush, smooth design, the curves make it one of sought home decor in a long time. The wardrobe is pure bliss, intimidating and retro.

The grey version of our famous Marsylia collection comes in 3 colours as well as two sizes.

208 cm Grey High Gloss Mirror Door Sliding Wardrobe:

The tall and spacious white gloss wardrobe features 2 sliding mirror doors and 2 drawers that provide the much-needed spaces. The 208 version comes with 7 shelves and 2 hanging rails, which entails buyers from keeping their essential and no-essential items organized.

high gloss wardrobe interior

255 cm Grey High Gloss Mirror Door Sliding Wardrobe:

The 255 version comes with 6 shelves and 3 drawers that enable customers to compact design and breath-taking craft. The interior design of these wardrobes is built to last. The shelves are made to amplify storage options. At the same time, customers who are looking to bring a vibrant wardrobe to their rooms then look no further.

white high gloss wardrobe interior

The Framework

The Grey Marsylia sliding mirror door wardrobe is majestic in every way possible. The large shelves provide the much-needed storage space, bespoke rails gives you the ability to hang your clothes with ease and the long drawers house all your essential and non-essential items. That not the only reason why so many customers prefer this wardrobe. The main reason pertains to that our wardrobes are multi-tiered. Meaning, they provide an out-of-the-box solution to the most common issue which plagues every person in their daily routine. This is why our wardrobe blows the competition apart.

Why choose this wardrobe?

From the simple high-quality material which houses the wardrobe, to the easy to install components that help in putting together the wardrobe in no time, The various attachments that come with the wardrobe is what makes it worth the cost.


Our Grey Marsylia sliding mirror door wardrobe is the future, gone are the days when a wardrobe served only one purpose. Our smart wardrobe redefines what wardrobes are truly are. A work of art and intellect.

Sliding doors

Our wardrobes use sliding doors to make your life easier. We don’t rely on the hinged door for one particular reason. “Space”. The biggest flaw for a hinged door wardrobe is that opening the door requires space. That is why we rely on sliding door, these give the customer the legroom to use the Grey Marsylia sliding mirror door wardrobe without any issues.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wardrobe

All our Marsylia wardrobes come with full-fledged mirrors. Now customers like yourself can invest in a wardrobe that gives you the reflection of your inner beauty. Moreover, the mirrors come in handy when you are dressing up for a life event.

The colour grey

We use a matte finish for our Grey Marsylia sliding mirror door wardrobe. The finish brings the aesthetic sense of the wardrobe. This makes our wardrobe breath-taking. The colour grey is the most suitable for this kind of wardrobe. It mixes intellect and maturity in ways you can’t imagine. This colour is very common and uncommon, which is a great feat. This allows the wardrobe to be part of various decors without the worry that it might be out of style.

Easy to clean 

The cleaning option for the Grey Marsylia sliding mirror door wardrobe is rather simple than complex. This is due to the fact we rely on simple components that help us assemble the wardrobe in less than an hour.  Moreover, the high-quality materials provide much-needed durability without sacrificing reachability. Reachability is crucial in wardrobe as it gives the customer a perspective that height is not the issue.

Safety latches make sure the door is secure and protect from children prying hands. From an access standpoint, our wardrobe is easy to access for any and everyone. We don’t discriminate and we accept all genders. In our eyes, everyone is equal.

Specifications of Grey Marsylia Wardrobe:

  • Completely unassembled Wardrobe
  • Delivered in Flatpack pieces
  • Include Instructions Manual
  • Without any support legs
  • Easy to assemble
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds




High Quality Chipboard






LED Lights (Included)


2 Sliding Mirror Doors, 3 Sliding Mirror Doors


1 Mirror Door


2 Sliding doors: 208 cm width x 225 cm height x 66 cm depth
3 Sliding doors: 255 cm width x 225 cm height x 66 cm depth



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