Dino Fabric Sofa – 2 n 3 Seater – Left n Right Corner

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Features :


  • Jumbo Cord / Faux Leather
  •  Foam and Spring
  • Fibre
  • A matching corner unit is also available
  • Affordable
  • Accessible
  • Versatile
  • Value-for-money
  • Perfect for living room
  • Armchair and Footstool available
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Dino fabric sofa set is an immaculate combination of finesse and elegance. This home decor is perfect for winding down. The sofa set is truly marvellous and comes in 6 variations. These include 2 and 3 seater sofas sets, 3 and 2 seater sofas sets, a 2 seater, a 3 seater, left corner and right corner sofa sets. Moreover, the sofa set is truly majestic in every way possible.

This sofa is of pure class. The dino fabric sofa set comes with wooden legs. This complements its native style. This integration provides support and security for the customer. 


The Dino fabric sofa set comes in solid wood. The materials used in the framework for the sofa are of the highest quality. At this time, we would like to inform our loyal and new customers that in any form or sense we do not rely upon, sell or trade-in any second-hand goods. All items that we deliver /dispatch are new. To ensure full compliance, all package comes with seals. These seals come directly from the dispatch office and are to be opened by the customer. For this specific reason, we kindly request all customers to inspect the delivery items before accepting them. Apart from that, we would like to thank you for your custom, and we appreciate your keen interest in our home decor goods. Thank You.

Jumbo Cord

The fabric we rely on upon for this type of sofa set is jumbo cord or corduroy. The jumbo cord is a cohesive fabric, meaning that this fabric comes with a wide variety of benefits like durability. The fabric is also 100% dust and stain-resistant, which is a great addition. This means that the fabric needs very less cleaning. However, the cleaning solution is below. 

Pet Friendly and Faux leather

The corduroy fabric is very animal-friendly. This means that you and your pets can relax on the sofa and without worry about scratches, as the fabric is also scratch-resistant. This type of fabric is very common and most prominently used in sofa sets. The key reason is that the fabric is very much flexible, meaning it will not lose its shape with multiple seating. Instead, it will eventually retain its shape. Faux leather upholstery goes through the jumbo cord corner sofa and can be seen in the picture as black seals. This is done to bring longevity to the sofa set and looks grandeur.

Faux leather also brings something to this Dino sofa fabric set in the form of crack and fade resistance, which is key to the long-lasting of the fabric sofa. This is the ultimate solution for customers who are in the market for a sofa that is specifically for pets.

Left-hand corner sofa set and Right-hand corner sofa set

The dino fabric sofa also comes with 2 variations that are not very common but are always a desire by the customer. These include the left-hand corner and right-hand corner sofa. These exclusive items are for the customer who is in the market for speciality home decor items. Keep in mind, the left-hand corner sofa will have a left armrest, whereas the right-hand corner sofa will have a right-hand armrest. This custom option is only available if you purchase either a 2 and 3 or a 3 and 2 dino fabric sofas set.

Serpentine Springs and Foam base

The framework of the Dino sofa fabric set houses 2 keys elements that are responsible for bringing comfort and being able to withstand extreme pressure. These include the serpentine springs and foam base. The base helps able to mitigate pressure when someone sits, at the same time the springs push forward in creating comfortable seating. Something you have never experienced before.

This is a moving process. The fibres in the foam allow the padding to retain its shape after multiple seating.

Chassel Unit/ Footstool 

Dino fabric corner sofa set also comes with the chassel unit in the form of a footstool, which is included as a standard. The chassel unit or footstool comes with ottoman storage. This allows you to store essential and non-essentials items hassle-free. The dimension for the footstool is a length of 74 cm and a height of 19 cm. The good thing about the chassel unit is that it can be set apart from the sofa.

The Colour black and The Colour Grey

The Dino fabric Sofa set comes in a black & grey combination. The colour black represents the primary colour, it signifies sophistication. It is by far the darkest colour in the spectrum. It offers bold gestures and the colour grey, which is famous for being the focal point for neutral elements. Likewise, it brings neutrality in home decor spaces, which they need desperately. It creates an ever-lasting experience, unlike other home decor items that when bought feel boring.

Included with the package

The sofa set comes with an armchair and footstool as a standard. The armchair can only be set either on the left or the right side, whereas the footstool can accompany anywhere in the room. The softback cushion covers provide a much-needed aesthetic. All cushion covers come with a zip which allows the stuffing and restuffing of the cushion hassle-free.

Cleaning Jumbo Cord

The cleaning process for corduroy is effortless. Before you bring to clean your fabric, pre-treat the fabric to take care of small spots or to remove items that the machine wash won’t be able to remove. To remove any unbearable odour, use scented vinegar. The fabric is suitable for machine wash and to get the best use, a detergent that is specifically for the fabric.

After the fabric is wet, let it dry off. When the deed completes, use a simple brush to finish the task.

Special offers

When the Dino fabric sofa set is bought in either a 2 and 3 seater variation or the 3 and 2 variations, you will incur more saving than buying each piece separately. For further information, contact customer support inquiries for details.

Specifications :

  • Partially Assembled Sofa
  • Only legs need assembly
  • Arrives in 3 pieces
  • Low back sofa
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black & Grey

Arm Style

Curved Pillow top arms

Sofa Type



Jumbo Cord Fabric and faux leather

Seat Type

Fibre Filled Seating

Cushion Filling

High-quality fibre

Sofa Shape

L-shape/ Left Corner Sofa/ Right Corner Sofa


Water-resistant fabric, Scratch Resistant, Stain Resistant.


Scatter Cushions with Zippers (Included)


Chrome + Plastic legs

Chassell unit

Ottoman storage movable footstool (Included)

Sofa Size & Capacity

2 seaters, 3 seaters, 2+3 seater, 2+3+2 seater, 3+3 seater, 3+3+2 seater sofa, Corner sofa, Corner+2 seater sofa, Corner+3 seater sofa


Corner: Width: 249 cm; Depth: 60 cm; Height: 81 cm;
3 Seater- Width: 190 cm; Height: 81 cm; Depth: 90 cm.
2 Seater- Width: 170 cm; Height: 81 cm; Depth: 90 cm.


Cleaning Instructions

Vacuum the Sofa
Use Wipes to clean wet spots if any
Use Brush to clean the inner side of the sofa


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