Double Sleigh Storage Bed

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Features of Double Sleigh Storage Bed with Plush Velvet Fabric:

  • Affordable
  • Classic Design
  • Ottoman Storage
  • Size Double
  • Plush Velvet 
  • Sprung Slats
  • Tuft Headboard
  • Tuft Footboard
  • Rubberwood Legs
  • Spacious
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The double sleigh storage bed by Soft Touch beds is perfect for customers looking for a bed that is posh and comfortable. The double sleigh storage bed does that and more. The sleigh bed is by far the most comfortable bed type. The high headboard and the high footboard are various factors that play a key role in redefining the double sleigh storage bed as a premium offering. The tuft upholstery with a chesterfield design is the icing on the bed. The double sleigh storage bed can easily accommodate up to two sleepers without any issues. Customers prefer the bed for the design as well as the durability it brings.


The frame of the Double Sleigh Bed is of solid wood. This means the frame brings strength to the whole bed without sacrificing quality. The high-quality components play a pivotal role in restructuring the Double Sleigh Storage bed as a masterful bed. To make sure the ottoman storage solution works flawlessly, three things put the mechanism in place. The stainless-steel gas lift helps raise the sprung slats, so customers can access the enormous storage without any hassle. At the start, the gas-lift might be rough to use but eventually, with use, the gas lift will be more operational and responsive.

Plush Velvet

The Double Sleigh bed comes in Plush velvet Fabric. Velvet is the most compatible fabric in the market and does a remarkable job for this bed. It not only brings a modern aesthetic but matches greatly with contemporary design. The fabric is of smooth nature and unlike crushed velvet, it doesn’t have any texture mapping. Velvet is the go-to fabric because the fabric can easily absorb dust and dirt particles. Cleaning the fabric will not be an easy task and only a handy vacuum cleaner does the job.

Sprung Slats 

To make sure the stainless-steel gas-lift does more without any hindrance, sprung slats come into play. These magnificent frame slats provide a natural bounce feel, which is remarkable for the mattress as well as the sleeper. The flexibility and the function of the mattress are mainly due to the sprung slats. As a safety precaution, a safety latch is also present. The location of the safety latch is on top of the spring slats and the bottom of the high headboard. This exclusive feature of a bed prevents the ottoman from being risen accidentally. This is a blessing for parents and sleepers alike.

Why choose sprung slats?

Comfort is something that every customer desires. That is why Soft Touch Bed’s Double sleigh storage bed comes in handy. The sprung slats play a critical role in providing comfort whenever a customer exerts pressure on the mattress. The downward motion forces the sprung slats to expand, and the customer experiences a blissful sleep. Simultaneously, the sprung slats are in play, they are in the process of mitigating the pressure outward while this process might seem complicated, but it is elementary.

Air-vents and noise insulation.

All Soft Touch Beds mattresses come with air-vents. These air-vents keep the mattress breathable and the room fresh. The double sleigh storage bed can easily accommodate two sleepers. The mattress selection will determine the noise to mass ratio. Currently, the ratio is at 0db, which means the transfer of motion is silent. The change of the ratio rests upon the mattress selection and not on anything else. Space is something every customer has, but wasted space is something every customer hates. For this, very specific reason, customers prefer this bed. Using the stainless-steel gas lift, customers can easily access the ottoman without any issues. Customers can house various essential and non-essential items.

Chesterfield and Rubberwood Legs:

To complete the modern and classic look, Chesterfield design makes up the headboard and footboard. Using tuft upholstery, these classic designs come to life in a modern setting. The fabric studs are what brings high fashion to this glorious bed. As a final gesture, rubberwood legs add support to the double storage bed. These legs can easily be set on any laminated or non-laminated floor.

The bed comes in a single distinct colour, which is lightless grey.


Grey is a neutral colour. This type of colour is perfect for customers who want to bring wisdom and intelligence to their rooms. Lightless grey is perfect as it can be part of numerous interior decors. Grey can easily blend in as it is not an attention seeker colour.

Plush Velvet

Plush velvet is the choice for the double sleigh storage bed. This fabric offers key resistance for customers when it comes to dust and dirt. It can easily absorb them, but keep in mind cleaning them is a chore. Soft Touch Beds recommends using a vacuum cleaner for the fabric as much as possible. The frequency should be every two weeks. The fabric is waterproof, however, don’t cite that pouring liquid may damage the fabric, use a wet sponge to blot the water spot. For the last resort, a cloth will help dry it out.

Please Note

Soft Touch Beds also offer customers the choice of the mattress when they book the double sleigh storage bed. The mattress size will be the same as the size of the bed frame, which is double size. This exclusive offer will save time and money. As a final note, to make sure customers receive the booking of a bed as soon as possible, we ask them to provide exact details such as floor number and door number. Failing to do so will incur delays in their bookings. Please refer to the delivery map for how long it will take for your order to arrive. Order can arrive before the allotted time.

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