Black Springfield 5 Piece Bedroom Set

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The Springfield 5 piece bedroom set:

  • Crushed Velvet Double Divan Bed
  • Two-Door Alina Wardrobe
  • Chest of Drawers
  • 2 x Bedside table


  • Affordable
  • Five items in total
  • Value for Money
  • Exclusive offer
  • Powerful Black
  • Solid Wood
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Soft Touch Beds launches an exotic bedroom set for its customers. Springfield 5 piece bedroom set is perfect for customers who want to bring simplicity into their bedrooms. In comparison to other bedroom sets, the Black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set excels in bringing five pieces of home décor at an unbeatable price. Moreover, the design aesthetics of the various items in the Black Springfield five-piece bedroom set completely match, giving you more freedom.

This set comes in the colour black. Alina two-door wardrobe comes in glossy black. It includes a top shelf and a hanging rail. Customers can easily access the wardrobe using metallic handles. Swing wardrobes are famous for having larger visibility. They offer a 100 per cent view concerning other wardrobes in the market.


A total number of six drawers accompany this basic but luxurious bedroom set. The chest of drawers is of solid wood and use retractable tracks. These tracks help customers to open and close drawers with minimum effort. All four drawers come with metallic handles and have protection from being over-extended. The base of drawers is of light-weight materials, which helps house various essential and non-essential items.

Bedside Tables

The Black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set also comes with two exquisite bedside tables. These tables come with separate drawers and bottom shelf respectively. From a space standpoint, customers who invest in the five-piece bedroom set have all the space they desire. All items in the bedroom set are of solid wood, meaning they provide the necessary support and durability for customers.

More Space?

Soft Touch beds also offer customers options to add either two drawers or four drawers to the bed frame. The crushed velvet double divan bed in black hues is the perfect companion piece for this bedroom set.  All items in the bedroom set are to durability standards, stainless-steel bolts and fixtures hold them in place.

Why Crushed Velvet Double Divan Bed?

The crushed velvet double divan bed comes with a box spring base. The base is a suitable candidate as it helps in keeping the frame and the mattress more agile. Every mattress that Soft Touch beds offer comes with air vents that allow the mattress, the sleeper, and the room to be fresh. For eager customers, the Black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set does not come with a mattress. However, we do offer an option to add to the mix. The mattress is the perfect medium, and we want customers to make a perfect choice.

Easy to Assemble

The image below illustrates how the Divan bed can be assembled without any hassle.

Divan Bed Assembly

Crushed Velvet

As the name suggests, the Double Divan bed comes in crushed velvet fabric material. The fabric is not only a better alternative but due to its texture, it is also very affordable. This might come as a shock to customers, but the fabric does wonders concerning the resistance it offers. Crushed velvet is dirt and dustproof, meaning it can absorb a huge number of particles. Moreover, the fabric is also pet-friendly meaning customers can be rest assured when their pet companion joins them for a sleepover, and it will be a comfortable experience.

Matching Headboard

Soft Touch Beds also ships the Crush Velvet Headboard for the Black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set. This home decor piece truly complements each thing in the bedroom set. Fabric studs with chesterfield design are what true tradition means. The diamond-shaped design is why the divan bed is desired by many. Crushed velvet headboard isn’t sold separately and does come as standard for this bedroom set. We consider this the crown jewel for our Black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set.

Reinforce option

The reinforce option has truly made customers life hassle-free as it comes standard for this bedroom set. This option, however, is exclusive for this set and does incur charges when bought separately. The Black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set is currently available in a distinct colour, which is black.


The colour of power and authority. The Springfield 5 piece bedroom set in colour black brings attention to itself. Colour black plays an important aspect by making the bedroom set a centrepiece of a masterpiece.

All wooden elements come to terms with the colour black as it gives a sleek aesthetic, while the metallic handles are vibrant in this colour.

Special offer

The Black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set allows customers to add an optional mattress of their choice. Instead of adding a predetermined mattress, we at Soft Touch Beds have decided that customers should make the decision instead of us. Buying the mattress with the bedroom set would entail you save money and time. No hidden costs. As compared to our other listings, the Black Springfield 5 piece bedroom set is far cheaper and affordable.

Please Note

To make sure your order reaches you before the prescribed time, please ensure to provide the exact floor number and door number, if any. At the same time also provide any other details in finding your location. Failing to do so will lead to delays, which is counter-productive for you as well as us. As always, do make sure the necessary measurements and need not worry that the dimensions on the website are in approximation. Please refer to our delivery map and call us on 0208-004-8262 for all your enquiries and suggestions. Soft Touch beds offer unbeatable prices for amazing products.


Chest of Drawers

Width: 63 cm Depth: 39 cm Height: 75 cm.

Alina Two-Door Wardrobe

Height: 180.5 cm  Depth: 51.5 cm  Width: 70 cm

Bedside Table

Width: 40 cm. Depth: 39 cm. Height: 56 cm.

Crushed Velvet Double Divan Bed

Base Height:

  1. With drawers: 58.4 cm
  2. Without drawers: 53.3 cm

Double Bed Frame:

Length: (190 cm) x Width: (140 cm)

Double Mattress Size: (140 cm x 190 cm)

Crushed Velvet Headboard 

Headboard height: 50.8 cm




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