4FT Small Double Divan Bed Base with Headboard

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Features :

  • Affordable.
  • Value For Money
  • Combo offer
  • High Quality
  • Long-Lasting
  • Attachments
  • 3 vibrant colours
  • Strong Bed Frame
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Small Double Divan Bed is engineered to offer great value, with our range of colours and fabric.  Our divan bed variation is of superior quality and is an upgrade to the classic divan bed. The bed offers a superior sleeping experience. The divan bed with the mattress is the best offer you can avail. This offer is exclusive to Soft Touch Beds and is wallet-friendly. Customers who are in the store are buying something affordable and worth it.


The small double divan bed frame comes with several aesthetics that add functionality to the bed and bring into a more contemporary feel. Our bed frame upholstery features a smooth pattern that allows a modern and contemporary design aesthetic. The small double divan bed frame features strong materials with high-quality fabric upholstery.  These are the reasons why our products are so long-lasting. All our frames are curated by professionals who have more than four decades in the bedding business.


The design element of the small double divan bed is simple. Instead of updating the classic design, our designers evolved the overall function of the bed by adding several attachments. These attachments not only brings the small double divan bed into a more modern setting but at the same time becomes more functional home décor items.  An attachment like storage options and the headboard are few things that truly make this a majestic bed.

Box Frame

The small double divan bed frame uses a box frame to provide strength to the bed as well as to the mattress. The box frame is perfect for the divan bed as they deliver performance over persistence. The choice of mattress clearly defines how much comfort you desire. If you choose an orthopaedic mattress, then your lumbar support will be in a comfortable space. Soft Touch Bed would suggest you go for the pillow top as it brings the best of both worlds. It is the fantastic quality of an orthopaedic mattress and the comfort level of memory foam.

Faux Leather

The fabric of choice we employ for the headboard is faux leather. The headboard is truly a remarkable piece of attachment that brings key features to the small double divan bed. This includes Abrasion protection. It protects from the wall to make cracks due to water damage. Moreover, the faux leather headboard can control the temperature of the room. The high-quality fabric decreases the overall room atmosphere. This is done due to the fabric we use for the headboard. But that is not all, the faux leather headboard brings a design aesthetic that every customer must-have. Faux leather has many benefits, but the key reason behind why we use the fabric as often as possible is that the fabric can’t crack under pressure. Moreover, the fabric is waterproof, so any spills and fills will not leave a stain on the fabric. These beneficial resistances are key to why this fabric is preferred by customers, and why you will fall in love with bed style.

Storage Drawers

Customers experience storage issues every day of their lives. To combat this shortcoming, Soft Touch beds small double divan bed comes with 2-4 full-sized drawers which can easily house all your essential and non-essential items. The hassle-free option helps you sort your room and make it clean and tidy. The diagram below clearly illustrates this new addition.


2 Drawers4 Drawers


Wheels come as standard, but you can add chrome legs and bring a little class into your room. For easy mobility, sturdy chrome legs not only get the job done, but discreetly. Chrome legs are fitted in the frame in the last. This is done so if you experience any placement issues regarding the small divan bed, you can resolve them without any hassle. The colour option of the small double divan bed is neutral in every aspect.  You can get the small double divan bed in Formal Black, Pure White or Sage Grey.  

Formal Black

The colour black is powerful and sexy. The colour mostly correlates with a sense of security and power. The psyche of this colour is ominous and mysterious. The colour is the most prominent in this way that the text colour is also black. If intelligence ever had a colour, the colour black would be the one.

Pure White

Pure white is the perfect colour for customers who want to bring purity into their bedrooms. The colour gives a fresh and youthful approach. White is the second most prominent colour of the spectrum, this is since the most written text uses white canvas.

Sage Grey

Sage grey is a test of time colour. The colour brings silence and calmness. Having a grey version of a small double divan bed is not only practical, but timeless. Customers that prefer this colour are mostly mature and cautious.

Easy to assemble

Soft Touch Beds offer stress-free assembly by shipping materials that are easy to affix. Instead of relying on long manuals, the items sent to you are easy to assemble. The time to assemble our home décor is less than 20 mines in the hands of a professional. To have a smooth delivery, it is advised to follow these rules: Please note:

  •         Clear all  Entrances and paths
  •         Remove any important things in the way.
  •         Make sure you have space
  •         Keep in mind, all our items come unassembled and in 3 parts.
  •         If you still have issues regarding our products, contact us as soon as possible.


Divan Bed Assembly

The Standard delivery time is 11 am to 11 pm. From Monday to Saturday. Delivery depends on your location. You will receive a call from our customer support team to confirm the order and your availability regarding the delivery of your goods. Please refer to the Delivery map.

Special offers

Currently, the small double divan bed is on offer. And if you add a mattress, then you can get both the bed and the mattress at the same time. You also get to save time and money. So, Book now and bring a hassle-free experience home.

Specifications :

  •  Platform top divan base
  •  Soft finish
  • Range of sizes
  • Neutral  Colours
  • Compact
  • Stress-Free Assembly
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant


  • A Headboard Height: 50.8 cm
  • B Base Height:
  • With drawers: 58.4 cm
  • Without drawers: 53.3 cm

Small Double Bed Frame:

  • C Length:(190 cm)
  • D Width: (120 cm)

Small Double Mattress Size: (120 cm x 190 cm)


Additional information


Soft Touch Beds


Black, White and Grey


Small Double






Wheels (Included) – Chrome Legs (Optional)








Faux Leather


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