Echo Grey Plush Velvet Divan Bed

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The Echo Grey Plush Velvet Divan Bed is the best choice for customers looking for a complete bed. Soft Touch Beds launches this extraordinary complete bed with customers in mind who prefer mobility and agility.  The grey velvet divan bed brings emotion to your living spaces. With the addition of a memory orthopaedic mattress, the grey velvet divan bed is serene at its finest. The smooth velvet envelops the whole grey divan bed and awards the customers with brilliance at every glance. The design aesthetics and price are several things that make this a popular choice for customers looking to bring something new into their rooms.


The frame of the grey velvet divan bed with mattress is of solid wood. The bed frame comes with two distinct divan bed bases that are gathered using q-clips. Both divans bed bases come with box springs. The framing of the box spring helps in mitigating pressure build-up in the bed and offers a comfortable sleep to customers. This mechanism cements the idea that with every action, there is an equal and variable reaction. The reaction is that Soft Touch beds rely on is offering a relaxing sleep experience. With the addition of the memory, orthopaedic mattress, customers can feel tranquillity before their eyes and body.


Having a full night’s rest is something every customer desires. And Soft Touch Beds Grey Velvet divan bed with mattress does that more than you can imagine. The price point of view might be overwhelming for some, but this isn’t a mirage or an illusion. This is a fact, Soft Touch beds offer affordable bedding options better than anyone in the market. As many retailers bank on adding attachments and other ways to fleece customers, Soft Touch beds rely on the simplicity of trade. We offer a complete package that is dirt cheap and a delivery right at your doorstep the same day. This promise is why customers like yourself keep coming for more.

What comes as a standard?

The velvet divan base comes with two distinct attachments that are also part of the package. First is the majestic plush velvet headboard with fabric studs and diamond diamanté design. The headboard is the perfect mascot for the grey velvet divan bed with a mattress. It imbues design elements that are out of this world. The smoothness of the velvet fabric is felt across the whole bed frame. And the second thing that comes standard with the purchase of the glorious bed is chrome feet.

Both divan bases come with a full complement of four shiny chrome legs at each corner. Thus, the bed has a total of eight chrome legs to provide support and stability to the whole bed. The chrome legs for the grey velvet divan bed with mattress come as the last step. This saves time and any placement issues you might have.

Plush Velvet

The grey divan bed uses plush velvet to fully cover the whole bed frame, including the headboard. The fabric in question is not only inexpensive, but offers resistance that many other fabrics in the market lack. The plush design element for the fabric is beautiful at its best, and the grey colour, fully makes it top-notch. Velvet is a popular and common fabric for home decor items. This is because that fabric offers complete protection from dust and dirt particles. However, the annual spring-cleaning of this majestic bed involves using a handy vacuum cleaner and a soft cloth to bring it back to its original shape.


The velvet divan bed with mattress currently comes in a vivacious and neutral grey colour. This hue brings intellect and intelligence to new horizons. Grey is a modern colour that reflects the eternal struggle between both the colours black and white. The result of this spectrum war gives birth to a colour that has the base properties of both the colours and none of the drawbacks. Grey is a mystery to all, as it imbues wisdom and sage understanding. The best example of this colour grey are clouds, excellence, and an Aston Martin DB5.


The assembly of the grey velvet divan bed is fairly simple. The image below clearly illustrates how you can get the bed ready in no time. Customers who have bought have said that they got the bed ready in less than 20 mines. An equipment pouch also arrives and is mostly behind the headboard.


Divan Bed Assembly


Currently, the grey velvet divan bed comes in standard double size. This also means that the mattress comes in the same size. The dimensions are listed below. As a reminder to our customers that the dimensions mentioned below are not exact, there is a slim chance that they are approximations. It is suggested to measure your space and keep up to 5-10 inches of space.

Please Note

To make sure the order for the grey velvet divan bed with mattress arrives before time, we ask all our customers to provide the necessary details concerning your location. This also includes your door number and floor number, if any. Failing to provide the necessary details may lead to delays in your order. For us, any delays are not only counter-productive as well as a hassle. Soft Touch beds are in the business of offering a hassle-free process.

Bed with mattress range

The grey velvet divan bed is part of the Soft Touch Beds Ltd, bed with matters range. We offer complete bedroom solutions for customers who are interested in complete deals that are affordable, viable and value for money. Customers who have any issues, suggestions, or queries for all the products can easily reach us at 0208-004-8262. We value customer insight and try to make their experience as worthwhile. Please refer to the delivery map for our delivery routes. Keep in mind that once you book your order, our dispatch team will call you and schedule a proper time to deliver your items.

The grey velvet divan bed by Soft Touch beds comes in flat-pack packing. All our items are of high quality, which means that they pass all UK fire and safety laws. We use materials that are good for the environment. For this reason, we ask customers to use the packing when assembling the bed. This way your surroundings are safe.

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