Customers prefer their choice to be easy and simple, but that is not the case when customers do home décor hunting. The curiosity of things leaves customers into a rabbit hole with information that isn’t meaningful to them, but is for someone who does daily home décor shopping. That is why this information will help customers who are novices while browsing online home décor websites. The main purpose behind this is to educate customers whilst making an order for their home décor needs. 





A common bed frame



A common bed frame



The first thing that every customer must decide is what they require. The choices they make rests on what they desire. Is it a bed frame? Is it a sofa or is it a wardrobe? They need to book. After making that choice, the next step for the customer to do is to check the space. The dimensions given by various online retailers are approximations, whereas your dimension will be factual. This means to keep a 15-20 cm leg way on each of the sides you measure. Word-of-mouth is never to get critical about leftover space. Most home décor items use a standard measurement that also accounts for your space. Customer build home decor items are an option, but it is an expensive one.




A wardrobe from the USA will not fit a wardrobe in the UK, not because the design element doesn’t match, but the measurement they use. UK customers rely on the metric system like the rest of the world where the Americans are obnoxious as always rely on the imperial system. Customers can rest assured that all home décor items that arrive at their location will be in the metric system.








A frame is the outer shell of a home décor item. It is of wood and offers basic strength to the whole product. Almost all home décor products rely on timber wood. Timber is the most natural and durable material in the market. They have a low chance of getting mould or any other hazards. Online retailers such as Soft Touch beds rely on timber as its gives products durability.








For many customers, home décor items base is the inner shell of the bed. Box springs are the most common, and they represent the divan type bed. These beds are common and popular as the base allows drawers and chrome legs with bars to help support the whole bed. Solid slats are the most common base after box-spring and many beds in the market rely on them as they are cheaper to utilize. Lastly, sprung slats are a special type of basis, these bases are in ottoman type beds and traditionally are found in beds that are majestic in design.





Box Spring




Solid Slats




Sprung Slats







The fabric represents the exterior of the home decor items. Many online retailers such as tender sleep rely on plush velvet for their products. This is because velvet is affordable and value for money at every glance. Customers can also get their hands on home décor items that envelope their exterior with crushed velvet. The main difference between crushed velvet and plush velvet is plush velvet offers soft texture appeal whereas crushed velvet comes with a pattern that is thick and mesmerizing. Both offer the same kind of resistance and look spectacular with a wide array of living landscapes. Plain fabric or line is the basic exterior that is most commonly for divan type of beds.





Crushed Velvet Grey



Crushed Velvet Fabric




Grey Plush Velvet



Plush Velvet Fabric




Grey plain Fabric Linen



Plain Fabric







Customers who invest in beds need to understand that sometimes beds come with legs. These are also called platform beds. They help mitigate greater pressure, like a table. Most beds as a standard come with rubberwood legs or wheels. For beds with majestic designs such as an Ottoman bed, come with the option to add chrome legs with link bars. These bars help keep the legs in place, which in return offer strong durability to the whole frame. 








Almost all beds in the market come with an option to add an ottoman to the bed. What is an ottoman? An ottoman is a hydraulic lift that helps raise your bed frame, so customers can easily access the bottom of the bed frame. This access helps customers add essential and non-essential items. For an ottoman to work in flawless condition, it requires a medium-to-large room. Small-medium room owners will have to downgrade their size to have this luxurious bed for their bedroom. Other attachment includes drawers which are exclusive to the divan bed collection. You can easily view here and see that almost all the divan collection gives you the exclusive offer to add either two drawers or the whole complement.





An ottoman



A hydraulic ottoman bed







Customers, who browse online retailers, must also always ask the retailers what comes as standard? Normally, as a standard, a bed frame comes with a headboard and a footboard. It also includes the base and an equipment pouch that help assemble the bed. The headboard and footboard don’t come separate, and larger online retailers do give you the option to select specific headboards or footboards, but that is a lost cause. 








A majestic headboard







Footboard with chrome legs




Special offers



Customers must always ask if there are any offers on the home décor items. Special offers such as an optional mattress for a spacious bed. This comes in handy if you can get both the bed and mattress dirt cheap. The only hassle would be to do what with the old mattress, and the solution is to put it in the shed if you have one or give it to Special offers always help lessen the logistic cost of bringing your order. 





Diamond Diamanté



Diamond diamanté is a design of headboard that represents the outer shell of a diamond gem. Many customers call it the traditional chesterfield, as it resonates royal grandeur. 





Fabric studs



The buttons of the diamond diamanté design are of fabric. These points help reinforce the headboard and offer basic design elements.





Stainless-Steel Fixtures



To make sure the frame of the bed can handle extreme pressure, stainless-steel fixtures play an important role in reinforcing the frame. These small components make sure that the frame of the bed, sofa, or wardrobe of any home décor item remains intact. 




Customers who buy various home décor deals must always ask about assembly. Most online retailers offer assembly, but with hidden costs. And many retailers such as Soft Touch beds do offer assembly service, but can refer to a 3rd party that does. Residents residing in London can avail of this offer whilst talking to the customer support representative. 




The timings correlate to your postcode. If you’re closer to the warehouse than you may receive delivery the same day, but if you are far, it might take some time. By checking the delivery map, you can easily see how much time it takes. Currently, Soft Touch beds offer affordable home decor items. If you live in a tower or a flat, do mention the floor number and door number.
















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