Velvet is a recipient of 2021 upcoming decor trends, as it has a very long and respected history. For this very reason, Soft Touch Beds investigates why is this so? This shiny fabric has Islamic roots as well. This fabric has mesmerized European markets for more than two centuries. Velvet has truly become the material of choice for luxury and posh desires of customers. The word velvet comes from the ancient word velveto, which signifies soft, smooth fabric. This material personifies luxury. It also has a nice appearance. 

What is velvet fabric?

Velvet is the by-product of double cloth. Using yarn and thread as a foundation. This by-product is always in piles and its length is usually half. We craft velvet using synthetic fibres instead of silk. Silk is very common in Indian. Indian Silk comes with a certification at the same time very valuable. Chinese velvet is easy to produce but cannot be certified.  The pure form of velvet is very classy and steep to buy as well. Synthetic velvet is a mixture of polyester, viscose, nylon, or rayon respectively. Currently, Velvet has many types. But these are trending ones to look out for:

Crushed Velvet

The crushed fabric process involves twisting the fabric when wet. The fabric has a unique design that is shiny. This fabric is best for customers who want luxury in their lifestyle. This has been considered a luxury item for more than 3 centuries. Currently, this velvet is found in Double Crushed Velvet Chesterfield Bed Frame with Mattress

Panne Velvet 

Panne Velvet is another type of Crushed velvet. By applying high pressure and twisting the fabric this is the result. This is very common in knitting fabrics. Stretching is the key to maintain the shape of the fabric.  This fabric is most common in Europe. This fabric is very common in the EU than in the rest of the world.

Stamped Velvet

Using high pressurized heat stamp on a piece of printed fabric. This type of by-product is most commonly used in upholstery materials. These are crucial for home decor and design. Steaming is better than ironing the fabric. Very common in Germany and the EU.


The piles of the fabric are in loops. These loops are to be cut in half to make this fabric. These loops help make patterns. This and plain velvet come from Italy. This fabric is very common in Italy.

Plain Velvet

This type of velvet is common cotton. It has zero flexibility which makes it anti-shine. It is very heavy. This type of fabric has an alias which is velveteen. The fabric is very stiff. Ballet dancers prefer it. Italy’s greatest treasure is this fabric.

Pile-to-Pile Velvet

A velvet, which involves joining the piles of the fabric until it makes a pattern of your choosing. This fabric is commonly referred to as double velvet. The fabric is as old as the Vatican. The process through which the fabric comes to life is ancient.

After discussing with a lot of industry experts, Soft Touch Beds concludes that velvet has key advantages and disadvantages. 

Advantages of Velvet:

1. Soft and classy feel
2. Able to blend in
4. Pest resistance
5. Wrinkle-free
6. Wear-resistant
7. Elastic 

Disadvantages of Velvet:

1. High dust absorbent
2. Damaging the fabric may ruin the texture


Soft Touch Beds strides on making sure that the fabric we use for our beds, as well as our various decor products, is of the highest quality. 

The selection process for the materials to be used is very quality controlled. These materials are environmentally friendly and compliant with British fire safety standards. We exclusively rely on sustainable forests to source all our materials. 

Currently, We use Velvet in these furnitures.

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