Sleep is the basis for good health and one of the causes of a healthy lifestyle. Sleep helps refresh your body. People who get a good, sound nine hours of sleep feel relaxed the whole day. This is the current threshold in terms of a good sleep lifestyle, but research has shown that almost all sleepers can’t maintain their sleep schedule properly. Several factors come into play such as anxiety, panic attacks, psychological or even personal interferences. Keeping a constant sleep schedule is a hard task to bear.  To make sure you get the best of sleep, do these tips, which will help improve your sleep quality over time.

From a general perspective, the human body needs a minimum of seven hours of sleep to maintain an optimum level of health. To reach this target, you must follow these unconventional steps that may greatly increase your chances of serene sleep.

How to improve Sleep Quality

Keep healthy

To maintain healthy vibes, research has proven time and time again that exercising daily

Increases your chances of better sleep quality. People who work nine to five hours shifts that sit on those repressing seats tend to develop problems in their back, and chances of colon cancer also increase. To combat this from ever happening, people need to take two minutes 16 short breaks. These help increase chances of improving health quality and eventually, your sleep quality comes to nominal values. Even stretching your legs does wonder as the amount of stiffness in your body loosens up. Staying healthy day in and day out helps the body to release endorphins that not only helps in exiting toxins that are on your body but also increase stamina levels.

Avoid Stimulants such as Caffeine and Nicotine:

             Caffeine and nicotine are active stimulants that are responsible for decreasing your ability to fall asleep. Both these stimulants can last in your body for more than 12 hours after consumption. Nicotine is famous for increasing the human body metabolism, whereas caffeine keeps your body alert and stops it from dozing off. Keep in mind that every person’s body is different from the other person. Your life choices characterize your overall health index. Individuals should stay away from caffeinated drinks and products with nicotine for almost 4 hours before going to bed. Caffeine and Nicotine cause an interruption to Melatonin, a sleep hormone that helps your brain and body go to sleep without any issues. Any intervention may prove drastic results.

Darkness is my friend.

Keeping a lit room will not decrease your chances of sleeping, that is why sleeping in a dark room with minimal illumination is what everyone talks about. Lamps help dim the light in the room and at the same time inform your internal clock that it is time to go to bed. Instead of large overhead lights, this can bring hurdles in your overall sleep quality. As mentioned before, your internal clock determines your overall sleep quality. The stages help your body relax and sleep quality increases ten-fold. If you still feel fearful, then you can keep a small light on to keep you fearless.

Have a bath

Taking a warm bath sporadically before going to sleep helps keep both your body and mind at ease. Muscles become stiff over time as your body desires comfort. The warm baths help lessen your muscles and increase your blood all over the body. At the same time, you feel less rigid and more flexible.

Make sure your mattress is comfortable

Mattresses play a critical role in providing the best, comfortable sleep possible. By investing in a proper mattress, you can achieve a serene sleep. Soft Touch beds pillow top 2000 pocket sprung mattress is the best candidate to improve your sleep quality index. People who shift back and forth or wake up with back pain more than your mattress is the culprit, or maybe you have invested in a bed frame that offers you fewer benefits than you were led to believe.

The best way to check if your mattress hasn’t gone bad, sit on the mattress for a short while. If the mattress retains its shape, then it’s good to go, but if it sags away, then your mattress has met its maker. The pillow top 2000 pocket sprung mattress has an ergonomic design and a level of firmness that does wonders for sleepers. Maybe it is time you brought something in your room that benefits you.

Melatonin intake

I would recommend melatonin supplements for my weary readers, but turns out the supplement is banned in the UK. The NHS believes that this supplement is a medicinal function instead of a supplement. So, the best option to improve your melatonin is using the natural process. Other supplements may help improve your sleep quality, such as magnesium supplements or even lavender.

Avoid bad news

The bad news is the main cause that puts your sleep quality in dire straits. The best option is to avoid bad news as much as possible. It will be a great experience that bad news not only destroys any sleep you might have. At the same time when your brain is to rest it becomes full alert and don’t forget the time to sleep changes. These irregular changes keep you stressed and unmotivated the whole next day. This is why avoid bad news as it is not helpful to anyone.

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