White 180cm Bonito Sliding Mirror Door Wardrobe


Features :

  • Comes with Shelves
  • Hanging Rails
  • Matte Finish
  • LED light (optional)
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Sliding Mirror Doors
  • Metal handles
  • Affordable
  • Clearance Sale
  • High Quality.

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The White Bonito 2 Door wardrobe is a perfect combination of smooth textures and easy to use design. The Wardrobe is perfect for customers who want a wardrobe that redefines simplicity in every way possible. The Sliding mirror wardrobe is the only one that can fulfil this promise. The wardrobe is of solid wood, this means that the materials that compose the wardrobe are of high quality.


The framing of the Bonito 2 Door wardrobe is perfect in every sight. All items that we sell or dispatch to our customers have zero access issues. The White bonito wardrobe design aesthetics are key. The wardrobe comes with 6 shelves that can resolve any storage issues customers have. Two hanging rails also come inside the wardrobe. This allows you to hang your clothes without any hassle.

Matte finish

The finish of the wardrobe is matte. The white colour brings the wardrobe to life before your eyes. The mechanism to slide the mirror door is fairly simple. The metallic track allows seamless transition of the doors from left to right and backwards. Keep in mind, one side of the door has to be closed for the other door to be used. The shelves of the wardrobe are spacious, meaning that they can easily store essential to non-essential items.


The wardrobe comes with a complimentary LED option that needs to be bought whilst booking the wardrobe. The LED illumination light does not come as a standard. The LED main goal is to provide illumination to you when you are using the wardrobe. Soft Touch beds use lighting that is not a strain to the customer’s eyes and provide worthwhile illumination.

Pet Friendly

The wardrobe comes in scratch-resistant material, making it the first wardrobe of its kind to be animal or pet-friendly. Keep in mind that the wardrobe has no support legs. Any damage to you or your surroundings by the negligence of your pet is not Soft Touch Beds fault in any sense.

Metallic Handles

The metallic handles on the door are perfect as they provide a better grip than any other material on the market. The sliding mechanism will be a little rough on the edges at the start, however, eventually, the mechanism will be more responsive.

Why are sliding mirror wardrobes the best?

In terms of swing wardrobes, sliding wardrobes are more beneficial. The visibility of the wing wardrobe depends on the angle to which the swing wardrobes doors open. Moreover, the sliding wardrobe doesn’t require any angle to open the door. Instead, it uses a sliding track to allow more than 75% of visibility. The ease of access by the wardrobe is truly a blessing. As a safety precaution, the metallic handles of the wardrobe are of a certain height. This is done to prevent the accidental opening and closing of the wardrobe by children.

The handles are of light-weight material, meaning customers don’t need extra force to open and close the door. A simple index finger can do the job.

Blank White

The wardrobe exclusively comes in the colour of white. The colour white is the most reflective colour in the whole spectrum. The colour white means purity or clarity. Customers who invest in the White Bonito 2 Door Sliding Mirror Wardrobe are simple, honest, and pragmatic in every sense.  For them, a clean room is mandatory. The whiter wardrobe can easily blend into various rooms. This is done so that the wardrobe is of a matte finish and not a glossy finish. The gloss finish would have been the issue as it gives a shiny look whereas the matte finish gives you a stale look.  By far, the colour white is the most common colour. Even the text written on this page is white. The moral compass of the customers who select the colour white is of sound mind.

Cleaning Queries

The cleaning instructions for the White bonito wardrobe are purely simple. Customers must use a wet cloth to wipe the exterior of the shelves and the wardrobe. At the same time, customers must rely on a mirror cleaner to wipe any smudges on the glass. Using a simple cloth, customers can resurrect the wardrobe in a clean finish.


The white bonito 2 doors sliding mirror wardrobe comes in 3 parts. The assembly of the wardrobe is a must. Soft Touch Beds do offer an assembly option, but it will cost you. The assembly of the product is not in the price. For a professional, the assembly time is less than 20 minutes.


Mirror sliding wardrobes are famous for creating an illusion of space. White Bonito 2 Door sliding mirror wardrobe does that and more. Rooms that have the bonito wardrobe feel spacious, which has a positive impact on your self-awareness. Moreover, the wardrobe in question is very compact.

The full-length mirrors are an added benefit for customers. This mirror is useful for numerous things, especially if you are getting ready for a formal event, and you need to use the mirror in a hurry. Mirrors are well-known for their reflective quality and help brighten the room without any issues whatsoever.

Function and Durability

The functionality and the durability of the sliding mirror wardrobe can be governed on the basis that all materials employed in the wardrobe are of the highest quality.  The function of the wardrobe is to provide an out-of-the-box storage solution, at the same time its key goal is to be minimalistic and compact.

The wardrobe is currently on our special clearance offer. Book now and bring excellence home.

Bonito Wardrobe Include:

  • 2 sliding doors
  • 6 shelves
  • 2 hanging rails

Specifications :

  • Needs Assembly to function
  • Flatpack Packaging
  •  Instructions Manual
  • No support legs
  • Safety Standards: UK Fire Safety Compliant

Additional information


Soft Touch Beds




Sliding Mirror


16mm Laminated Chipboard

LED light

Must Be Pre-purchased










Width: 180 cm
Height: 215 cm
Depth: 62 cm



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