Soft Touch Bed’s Divan Bed Buying Guide is the perfect repository for you. It features all the information you need to buy a divan bed without any issues. This knowledge base provides all the intel you need to bring a Divan bed home.

What is a Divan bed?

A divan bed is the combination of a base and a mattress. The base of the Divan Bed is Box-spring. The purpose of the base is to provide groundwork that allows you to sleep in the bed without any issues. Soft Touch beds employ a platform base. This solid top base offers firmer support and a strong base for your mattress. The whole purpose of the base and the mattress are to provide you with a comfier sleeping experience. The base and the mattress work incoherently in providing you with comfort.

Platform Base for the Divan Bed

By choosing a beneficial mattress, you can bring comfort to your bedroom. Soft Touch Beds Divan bed range comes in a variety of sizes, colours, storage options and feet. Our guide will help you and explain all the items that are mentioned on our website. The Soft Touch Divan bed range offers:

Affordability of Divan Bed’s range

Value for Money

The Soft Touch bed Divan Bed range is the most affordable in the market. Using simple components and high-quality materials, Soft Touch Beds offers a better alternative. As compared to other companies, Soft Touch Beds excels in bringing superior quality products dirt cheap.

Divan Beds are Easy To Assemble

Easy Assembly

The assembly of all Divan Beds is fairly simple. This means that in no time your bed will be ready. Normally, it takes professionals 10- 20 minutes. The assembly is directly connected with the location and placement of the divan beds.

Divan Bed’s Division

The Soft Touch Beds Divan Range consists of 3 parts. All items require assembly, and delivery of items depends on your location. The items will arrive toward you hassle-free and beforehand.

Divan Bed’s Access

The access of our Soft Touch beds Divan Beds is for everyone and anyone. The beds have 3 access points. The access is of variable height, so the bed is best for small customers. We make sure all our items apply to all.


Soft Touch Beds Divan Beds come with 2 types of feet.

Plastic Wheels

Plastic Wheels (Standard)

These wheels come as standard and provide simple mobility across the floor. Carpeted floors are easier than compared floors with no carpets. The plastic wheels like all other wheels are placed at the end of the assembly. The wheels are black in colours and can mitigate medium weight density.

Chrome Legs

Chrome Legs

These legs need to be pre-booked. The legs offer an aesthetic look to your bedroom. The mobility is strict as they don’t intend to move. However, they can withstand a high amount of pressure due to the rigidity of the frame and the legs.


2 drawers divan bed
Single Divan can only house 2 drawers as you can see
Divan bed 4 drawers
Double Divan bed with a capacity of 4 drawers

Drawers add storage options to all of our divan bed range. Keep in mind that the single version of the Soft Touch Bed’s Divan bed comes with the option of adding only 2 drawers. Whereas any size other than the Single Divan Bed’s is easy to house upwards of 4 drawers. The drawers come in variable sizes and can hold almost anything.


The headboard for our Soft Touch Beds Divan range does not come as a standard and must be pre-booked beforehand. The Headboard will be of the same size as the bed. During assembly, the headboard will be affixed to the bed.

Soft Touch Beds Divan Range come in three distinctive colours which includes

True Colours

  • Black
The colour Black
  • White
The Colour White
  • Grey
The colour Grey

The mattress collection for the divan bed range requires that the bed be of the same size. Subsequently, we offer a huge collection of mattresses

Soft Touch Beds Mattress collection

The image below illustrates Dimensions for our Divan bed Range

Divan Bed Collection Dimensions
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